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Top 5 Paris Nightlife Events in June

Electronic dance music is getting bigger and bigger all over the world each year but Paris still remains far ahead….

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Nightlife in Paris: Sebastian Marx performs his one-man show “A New Yorker in Paris” each week

Nightlife in Paris: Yes, There Is English-Language Stand-Up Comedy in Paris

So you saw “How to Become Parisian in One Hour,” but what else is out there for […]

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Nightlife in Paris: le Sancerre

Nightlife in Paris: A Trendy Night in the Haut Marais

It’s virtually impossible to picture the humble beginnings of the überhip Haut Marais as one of the most undesirable neighborhoods in Paris. The product of several decades of gentrification, this former swamp has since been polished into the swank stomping ground of the city’s hauts sophistiqués. At any given time, these young, stylish professionals decorate the popular locales […]

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Nightlife in Paris: le Ballroom du Beef Club

Nightlife in Paris: The Hip Side of les Halles

Contrary to common belief, the neighborhoods that converge at les Halles hardly resemble the dodgy wastelands of times past. Over the past decade or two, the most central areas of the 1st and 2nd Arrondissements have consistently lured fresh bars and clubs like bees to honey. While the press has drowned the newcomers in attention, some of the local staples of nightlife in Paris […]

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Nightlife in Paris: the Bottle Shop, in the Ledru-Rollin area

Nightlife in Paris: Barhopping around Ledru-Rollin

Located just east of Bastille in the heart of the 11th Arrondissement, Ledru-Rollin belongs to a network of once plebeian neighbors turned trendy on the eastern side of Paris. Unlike the wave of gentrification that brought the haut monde bobos to ’hoods like the Marais, the hipster inhabitants of the Ledru-Rollin quartier typically resemble their American counterparts: more bohemian than […]

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Nightlife in Paris: apéros at Au Rocher de Cancale

Nightlife in Paris: Apéros

Ah, the French: masters of the apéro. Fact is, a good chunk of any Frenchie’s nightlife in Paris is spent elbow to elbow with a group of friends enjoying a nice glass of wine around a tiny table. Moreover, the full-blown apéro experience features some sort of antipasti or deli platter to share on the side. Whether you’re just enjoying an after-work swig, indulging in a lofty apéro dînatoire or planning to segue into a big night out, this selection of apéro spots will point you to the perfect place to start practicing the art of mastering this French skill.

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Nightlife in Paris: Rosa Bonheur

Nightlife in Paris: Free and Fabulous Places to Get Your Dance On

Who says that the right to boogie should come with a price tag? Turns out that even in one of the most expensive cities in the world, a cover charge isn’t a prerequisite to indulge in an evening of dancing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free but fabulous places (bars and boîtes, or nightclubs) to get your dance on. Our picks reflect the variety of nightlife in Paris and ensure that you can get your groove on gratuitement.

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Nightlife in Paris: Le Connétable

Nightlife in Paris: Bars

Paris offers a wide array of bars to woo every gal, from the diva to the hipster. To shed some light on the oft-overwhelming list of choices, we’ve compiled a list of our faves and organized them by whim—you never know what you’ll be in the mood for! Consider this your guide to nightlife in Paris to get you out and barhopping à la Parisienne.

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Nightlife in Paris: Chez Moune

Nightlife in Paris: Clubs and Concert Venues

A successful night out in Paris involves more than just looking up the nearest club, cover charges and closing times. In fact, nightlife in Paris requires a nuanced understanding of each venue’s clientele, dress code and atmosphere. This edition of our nightlife in Paris series proposes a selection of club and concert venues with equal amounts of swagger and fantasy. While some of these spots have become the darlings of the Paris nightlife scene, we’ve avoided the run-of-the-mill powerhouses that dominate other reviews. Two things to remember before heading out in Paris: dress to impress and avoid long lines by arriving before midnight.

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Nightlife in Paris: La Folie en Tête

After you experience a lot of nightlife in Paris, the glitzy barhopping starts to feel stale, leaving behind only a craving for an experience with less fuss and more edge. That’s why I decided to swap the usual debonair bar jam-packed with natty sophisticates for a laid-back evening at la Folie en Tête.

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Nightlife in Paris: Favela Chic

Nightlife in Paris: A Girls’ Guide to Parisian Bar Etiquette

Paris, the City of Light and the city of romance, truly comes to life at night. But for a college student from a college town, there are several key points to keep in mind when considering an evening out in this city. Here are some tips for what one can expect and how to make the most of nightlife in Paris.

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