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French lessons: children in classroom

French Lessons: The Bilingual Revolution

Hannah Helms, a mother of two young girls, enrolled her daughters at one of New York’s dual-language programs offered in the public school system. Emphasizing why she chose this path for her daughters, Hannah says, “My husband and I both think that it is important to have a second language. It opens one up to broader thinking, better understanding of other cultures and a feeling of confidence for travel.” Bilingual and dual-language programs are now replacing those French lessons that used to be offered only later in one’s academic career.

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Fabrice Jaumont, founder of New York in France

New York in French

I had been curious about who and what was behind New York in French ever since I came upon the site over a year ago. One day recently I met with the site’s founder, Fabrice Jaumont, at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy on 5th Avenue facing the park. He took me on a tour of the spectacular building, which was once owned by the Whitney family.

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