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Paris tours: Café des Deux Moulins in Montmartre

Paris Tours: Unbeatable Attractions in the 18th

The 18th is one of the largest arrondissements of Paris, from the seemingly endless hills and stairs of Montmartre to the vibrant North African neighborhood known

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Bois de Boulogne, in the 16th Arrondissement in Paris

Paris Arrondissement Guide: Strolling through the 16th

Paris’s 16th Arrondissement is often depicted as a formidably wealthy district, populated by ambassadors, billionaires and celebrities such as Carla Bruni, a district in which visitors can spend 1,500 euros a night to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel and reserve a month in advance to dine at l’Astrance (three Michelin stars). For the nonbillionaires among us, however, there […]

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Paris secrets: ZenZoo tea parlor

Paris Secrets: An Afternoon in the Japanese Quarter

In the nest of winding streets between the Palais Royal and Opéra, a batch of Japanese restaurants and businesses unassumingly sprout out of the area’s Haussmannian buildings to form one of the best Paris secrets: a booming Japanese quarter. Not only is the quarter the city’s culinary hub of Japanese cuisine, it also boasts a variety of specialty grocery stores and tea parlors, as well a handful of French cultural attractions such as the quaint Passage Vivienne, the beautiful Palais Royal and the Richelieu branch of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).

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French fashion: a jewelry at Une Fille à Montmartre

French Fashion: Une Fille à Montmartre

Having a place to stay near Montmartre on my recent trip to Paris proved to be quite beneficial in terms of discovering the bohemian side of the city. It was a welcoming contrast considering I was traveling on a five-day tourist-packed itinerary. Remnants of the area’s artistic legacy that still lives throughout the ruelles and establishments quickly became apparent as I uncovered […]

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Paris must-do: Miss Cupcake in the Marais

Paris Must-See Neighborhood: Girls’ Day Out in the Marais

With a variety of chocolatiers, lingerie shops and charming cafés, it’s no surprise that Paris is a city that awakens the feminine spirit. One quartier that appeals to

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The historic, picture-perfect Hôtel du Nord

Paris Neighborhoods: Canal St.-Martin

I love ethnic dining in Paris, and I love exploring Paris neighborhoods even more, so as I was reading Barbra Austin’s article on bo bun at Le Petit Cambodge, in the 10th Arrondissement, I nearly ran out the door on an excursion that promised some excellent food and the chance to rediscover one of the trendiest, most vibrant Paris neighborhoods: Canal St.-Martin.

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Portes Ouvertes

Paris Art: Portes Ouvertes

If you crave a Paris art experience that’s off the beaten path and has a little something more to offer than the standard process of “stare, think, admire,” then the Paris tradition of Portes Ouvertes (Open Doors) is right up your alley. Taking advantage of the lovely weather in spring and autumn, this free event, held on the weekends, offers visitors the chance not only to see up-and-coming artists, but also to see (and buy) their art right in the very spaces it’s made: the artists’ ateliers.

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Parc de Belleville, in Paris

Belleville in Paris

Belleville is set apart from the Paris of historical landmarks and glowing monuments, and worlds away from the Paris of designer labels of the Champs Elysées. Belleville in Paris is an area that is historically home to the middle class, and now hosts pockets of various ethnicities—including Asian, Arab and Jewish—as well as bobos. “Bobo” refers to “bourgeois bohemian” and is a term used to describe yuppie hipsters. This mélange of culture also makes Belleville a great destination for delicious cuisine.

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Chez Fernand, a traditional French restaurant in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris

On the Beaten Path: Touring St.-Germain

Touring Paris sometimes means staying on the path most traveled. This can make looking for an authentic evening out among locals something of a challenge if you happen to be strolling in a place like the Marais or St.-Germain-des-Prés as the clock strikes 8:00 and you are hungry for something real. Just about every restaurant will be bursting with a cacophony of languages. How can you tell if the place is any good?

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Paris Neighborhoods: Caulaincourt

Running between meetings yesterday, I stumbled upon a new (to me) Paris neighborhood, Caulaincourt. My introduction to the area began with a graffiti-adorned bridge that served as an overpass for the Montmartre Cemetery, where luminaries like Mme Récamier rest in eternal peace. Cars rushed passed while just below, lazy cats sprawled in the afternoon sun, shadows of the blossoming chestnut trees dancing across their bellies, settled tenants of this Paris neighborhood.

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A game of pétanque at the Champs de Mars, part of the local Paris you can find in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

The Not-So-Secret Life in Paris

Sometimes I feel like I don’t exist. Like I’m a ghost that nobody can see or hear. This happens often in Paris, mostly when I am being ignored by an overly busy café waiter, but especially when I go on my morning run at the Champ de Mars. It’s amazing to me, but there seem to be two parallel universes in that park. The tourists come to stroll, picnic and, of course, climb the Eiffel Tower. They are out there in full force, yet never have I seen them stop to photograph the local scene. And what a local scene there is!

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Paris apps for tour tips, shopping tips, and foodie finds. Get the new Girls' Guide to Paris app!

The Best Paris Apps

Smartphones have changed the way we travel. GPS has replaced maps for tourists visiting Paris. I’m nostalgic for the old days, but I have to say, I love my Paris apps. They make my life easier and enrich my adventures. Here are the Paris apps I download for my guests before they head out the door.

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A quaint village church in the Batignolles neighborhood, in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris

Paris Neighborhoods: Batignolles

“Yeah, well, get lost!” my teen shouts at me in a fit of anger. So I do. It’s one of my favorite activities, in fact—getting lost in Paris. Last week I had an hour to spare between appointments, so I took her advice and simply strolled. Within minutes I found myself in Batignolles, one of my latest favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

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Hôtel Gavarni, in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, is green certified.

From Backpacker Budgets to Princess Prices: New Hotel Finds in Paris

So you are finally going to Paris. But where to stay? Picking the wrong Parisian hotel can put a damper on your entire experience. On a recent trip I visited a number of new or redone hotels, from budget to green to luxury. In one way or another these Paris hotels inspired me, and I hope they will capture your imagination and motivate you to plan a trip to Paris in 2011.

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Passage Jouffroy, in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris

What’s Up in the 9th Arrondissement?

Recently I had a day to peruse the 9th Arrondissement. A lesser-known area of Paris, the 9th has heated up as of late. Cool new restaurants seem to open every day, and chic yet well-priced hotels have been popping up. Surely this is an area to sample on your next trip to the City of Light.

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