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Baked St.-Marcellin with honey sauce at the 5th Arrondissement Paris wine bar Le Porte-Pot

Le Porte-Pot

When it came time to find an appropriate place to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau this year, I ran through my regular list of Paris wine bars. But no one was offering anything special for the occasion, so my friend and I ventured off list to a wine bar I had been meaning to try. This place was also pouring the young red wine fresh on the third Thursday of November, as tradition dictates.

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Ham and artichoke baguette at CheZ Aline, Delphine Zampetti's new deli in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris

Chez Aline

Looking at the storefront of this pocket-size Paris restaurant, you might walk right past it, not only because of its size, but also because of the name posted above the door: “Chevaline,” which translates to “horse butcher.” This place was indeed once a horse butcher, but now it’s home to a great new lunch spot. Delphine Zampetti, last in the kitchen of Le Verre Volé, is putting her stamp on the place with a switch in letters—CheZ Aline.

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Rump steak and faux filet at Le Severo, a Paris bistro in the 14th Arrondissement that specializes in steak frites

Le Severo

When people ask me where to go for steak frites, Le Severo is where I send them. This Paris bistro, in a quiet residential area of the 14th Arrondissement, is run by William Bernet, a former butcher who honors the quality of his steaks by cooking them very well.

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Paris Restaurant Reviews: Le Verre Volé

There seems to be no end to the cave à manger trend—wine shops where you can also eat. Some are proper Paris bistros; others offer little more than cheese and charcuterie in the way of comestibles. Le Verre Volé is a longstanding, mostly beloved stalwart of this scene, a bare-bones, canal-side canteen whose style has only ever been in its substance. That substance is the vin naturel—the nothing-added, unfiltered, minimally manipulated wine—lining the walls here.

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There is plenty to like about L’Hédoniste, a new bistro near the rue Montorgueil, starting with the warm welcome. Owner Arthur Pétillault (a former food writer) presides over the room with a smile and eagerness to please.

It’s an old space, with exposed beams and stone walls. The partly open […]

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Grilled artichoke tartine at Le Petit Trianon, a cut above your standard Paris café, in the 18th Arrondissement, Montmartre

Le Petit Trianon

It can be frustrating in Paris to be hungry at an odd hour, or to want something decent without spending a fortune or having to think ahead to make a reservation. Yes, there are your usual Parisian cafés all over the place, but the standard of food at most of these places, charming as they might be, is depressingly low.

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Poularde racines at Vivant, a Paris bistro by Pierre Jancou in the 10th Arrondissement


After leaving Racines nearly two years ago, Pierre Jancou is back with a beautiful new address. One of the most talked-about Paris bistros this season, Vivant is housed in a former bird shop, decorated with exquisite tile work, painted with peacocks perched among leafy garlands in a million shades of green and yellow.

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Les Fines Gueules

Mention Les Fines Gueules to someone who has been there, and the word “tartare” will come up almost immediately. So might the zinc bar and the pretty corner location in the 1st Arrondissement. But this is not an old-fashioned Paris bistro.

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Langoustine carpaccio at Le Chapeau Melon, in the 19th Arrondissement, in Paris

The Wine Bars of Paris

The term wine bar can be a little confusing in Paris. All Paris wine bars feature wine, of course, but the bar part is a little more flexible. Some have a counter and tables, and you can show up anytime for a glass of wine and a snack. Others resemble restaurants more than actual bars. In many cases reserving in advance is imperative. Some are cavistes (retail wineshops), which is good to know if you need a bottle to go.

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Pluma with radicchio at Iñaki Aizpitarte's Chateaubriand offshoot, Le Dauphin, in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris

Le Dauphin

Anyone frustrated by the difficulty of getting a reservation at Le Chateaubriand will be pleased to know that there is now another way to get a taste of Iñaki Aizpitarte’s cooking, right next door at Le Dauphin.

That it’s a Chateaubriand offshoot was enough to guarantee that there would be buzz […]

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