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Paris Christmas market

Christmas Music in Paris: Concerts and Carols

Is it possible to hear familiar Christmas music in Paris? Indeed yes, many English and American churches…

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Paris Restaurants: Shake n’ Smash

All too many Paris restaurants have the problem of being just about the food. Likewise, most Paris bars are just about the drinks and ambience. And plenty of Paris concert halls only care about the music. But what if […]

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Five Paris Bars to See Live Music

From dance clubs to tiki bars, Paris offers a wide variety of bustling nightlife options. But if you’re in the mood for a good beverage with a side of live music, these versatile Paris bars will give you the jolt you […]

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Music in Paris: Disquaire Day 2013

Since 2007, the world has celebrated Record Store Day, a way to honor and raise awareness for those beautiful little music stores selling vinyl and CDs. Though the celebration began in the United States, it is held all over the world every third Saturday in April. Sure enough, vinyl shops new and old selling music in Paris will be taking part in the fête, with special deals and free concerts all over town on Disquaire Day, which is April 20. Here’s where to go and what to see.

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Paris music: Caroline Nin performs cabaret

Paris Music: A Tribute to Piaf

No trip to Paris is complete without a night out at the theater or to a Paris music performance. Caroline Nin, a cabaret singer on the scene since the 1980s, has created a tribute to that most beloved of Parisian musical artists, the national treasure Edith Piaf, in a new bilingual performance guaranteed to delight Paris music fans, jazz lovers and Francophiles alike, in “Hymne à Piaf.”

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What to do in Paris: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s interpretation of The Love Suicides at Sonezaki

What to Do in Paris: Festival d’Automne 2013

Now that everyone’s settled in nicely after the hustle and bustle of la rentrée, what to do in Paris between now and Christmas Festival d’Automne will fill up your agenda nicely, right until January 12, 2014. The annual […]

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French Music: An Introduction to Yé-Yé French Pop

If you’re a fan of the American show Mad Men, surely you’ve seen Jessica Paré’s coquettish, crowd-rousing rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou,” the classic Gillian Hills song. But did you know this piece of French pop is a morsel of a grander genre of French music? The 1960s saw an explosion of bubblegum pop called yé-yé (so named for ecstatic shouts during the songs’ performances), which put a French twist on the British mod movement and American go-go dancers of the time, propelled mostly by the lyrics of one Serge Gainsbourg.

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10 French Singers You Should Know

While you’re more likely to see a Parisienne in sweatpants than a French song on the US or UK pop charts, there’s a huge appetite for today’s French music among Anglophones. It enjoys a certain popularity among Francophiles, travelers, French-language learners and anyone with an ear for global music.

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Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Renowned Chicago-based online indie music authority Pitchfork returns to the Grande halle de la Villette for the second annual edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris. Spread across the first three days of November, the festival is headlined by acts including the American bands Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, the Swedish pop songstress Robyn, and French acts M83 and Sébastien Tellier.

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Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie

Gypsy Jazz in the Quartier Latin

Monday is the new Friday at Le Piano Vache, est. 1969, especially if you’re a fan of gypsy jazz. It’s tucked away behind the Panthéon, in the 5th Arrondissement, just above the Quartier Latin, where the rue Laplace connects the rue Valette and the rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève and forms a one-block stretch of quiet. Pure and neighborhoody Paris. In the evening, humid darkness settles down into the cobbled cracks.

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Caroline Nin

Girl Talk with Caroline Nin, French Chanson Artist

Is French chanson dead? Not according to Caroline Nin, who is thriving and singing around the world in the French chanson tradition (think Edith Piaf). I had a chance to catch up with Caroline in between her gigs and chat about music and Paris.

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Visitors enraptured by French music at the exhibition "Paris en Chansons"

French Music: A Melody of Light

I’ve always been a sucker for a good mix CD. Music has the power to transport us to another time and place, of nostalgia or wanderlust, and to place us in the culture of the music chosen. The exhibition “Paris en Chansons,” on view through July 29 at La Galerie des Bibliothèques, is like diving into the world’s greatest French mix CD—an astoundingly comprehensive collection of French music represented by songs about Paris.

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A Parisian homage to Django Reinhardt, the king of gypsy jazz

Paris Jazz, Gypsy Style

Paris jazz. The two simple words evoke the phantom of Gitane-infused bars in the 1930s. A decade earlier this American art form had crossed the Atlantic with African American artists like Josephine Baker, Sidney Bechet and Arthur Briggs, but the French quickly embraced the sound and made it their own. At the very forefront of the Paris jazz scene was Django Reinhardt, a gypsy guitarist whose sound is still popular today and can be heard in films like The Matrix, Chocolat or Hugo.

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Cocktails at L'Etage

Secret Bars in Paris: L’Etage

As you enter through the front door of the oh-so-new-and-trendy Les Jalles, it may seem like your typical, fabulous French restaurant. But if you know to ask, the impeccably attentive waitstaff will lead you upstairs to the Prohibition-style cocktail lounge called L’Etage, the newest retro bar in Paris. Walking up the stairs, it seems as though you enter a time different from your own. A time that feels simpler and far more romantic.

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Wanderlust in Paris: A New Kind of Paris Nightlife

Right now throughout Paris, you will find flyers with the word “Wanderlust” littered throughout the streets and plastered on surfaces. For days, I could not figure out what this mysterious Wanderlust implied until I stumbled upon the answer while at an exhibition in the Cité de la Mode et du Design. Having an espresso in the museum café, I noticed a DJ setting up on the terrace outside, surrounded by an outdoor bar and hundreds of plastic lounge chairs. I realized this was Wanderlust, a new addition to Paris nightlife.

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