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Paris Museums at Night

There’s something magical and mysterious about museums late at night, the privileged access to the usually forbidden….

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Things to Do in Paris: American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay

Spending a day at the museum is one of the most popular things to do in Paris—even for the Parisians, which means exhibitions are usually […]

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Things to Do in Paris: Vivian Maier Photography Exhibition

Life is sometimes stranger than fiction. The art world sat up when in 2009 the existence and works of Vivian Maier were discovered. A documentary has been made about the life of this maverick, but until then […]

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Paris Must-Sees: Top Tips for Spring

Happy Birthday, Notre Dame!
This year, on Palm Sunday (March 24), Parisians will greet a sound unheard since before the French Revolution. That date is the debut of “Marie,” the new six-ton bell in Notre Dame‘s South Tower. Named for the Virgin Mary

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Paris Art: The Two Sexiest Shows

For Paris art, autumn is the hottest part of the calendar. But this year, a pair of popular shows is turning up that heat. At Musée d’Orsay, Masculine/ Masculine: The Nude Man in Art pays tribute to […]

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Poster, "French History Retold by Publicity," Bibliothèque Forney

Paris Fashion: Myth and la Mode

The French term mannequin (model) dates back to the 19th century. At that time, a mannequin was a wickerwork dummy, used to showcase ready-to-wear for female shoppers. Within two decades, that task was given to real women. Before long, these “models” were synonymous with Paris fashion. “Without the model,” says Sylvie Lécallier of the Musée Galliera, “there would never be fashion as we know it today.” That universe of style is the subject of her museum’s new show, “Model: The Body of Fashion,” which runs at les Docks until May 19.

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Paris fashion: an elegant couture accessory at the Musée Galliera exhibition

Once-in-a-Lifetime Paris Fashion

Paris Haute Couture,” from the Musée Galliera, offers a handpicked bouquet of history’s most stunning fashion. Not only can it be yours—it’s absolutely free. That’s because, like every exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville, the landmark tribute to Paris fashion is open to anyone. Its 100 dresses were chosen from more than 20,000, and the whole show is being sponsored by Swarovski. The Austrian crystals have lent their luster to haute couture since 1895.

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Paris Fashion: Couture Confidential

A muse inspires and a model flatters. But no woman matters more to Paris fashion than the saleswoman or vendeuse. These elite employees are the direct links between customers and creator. A vendeuse has […]

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Must-see Paris: Medusa, by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, at the Musée d'Orsay

Must-See Paris: Fantasy and la Femme Fatale

Do you love old Hollywood horror, film noir and Frankenstein? Are you a fan of gothic fashion? Or do you just relish devils, vampires and…

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Paris Art: A Don’t-Miss List

Every spring, the Paris art calendar explodes and it’s always filled with rarities. This year, the Musée du Luxembourg features a survey of Chagall, the Musée Maillol salutes Venetian glass and the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme reveals lost works by a woman war photography pioneer. After a decade of restoration, twenties picture palace le Louxor is also back. If none of these grab you, Paris also pays homage to the late Keith Haring. Details are below but be absolutely sure to book in advance!

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Must-do in Paris: Invalides

Must-Do in Paris: All Museums, Free All Night!

Museum Night (Saturday, May 18) is a thing everyone must do in Paris. This wonderful event is pan-European, but no other capital has so much…

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Paris epo: La cité de la mode et du design

Paris Expo: The Parisienne of Summer

Just who is the Parisienne of summer? That’s the title of a Paris expo on display throughout la Cité de la mode et du design. All its snaps of Parisiennes at leisure were taken between 1880 and 1960. The show—free to anyone—is a late summer gift, from the civic company that digitizes historic photos. The shots you see come from the archives of eminent Parisian agency […]

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Summer in Paris: cool summer cotton by créatrice Anne Elisabeth

Summer Guide to Paris: How to Survive August

A summer guide to Paris always brings challenges. The hot, humid weather is problematic in itself and it usually arrives after the big vacation exodus. But don’t become an exasperated, red-faced visitor. Here are eight tips to help restore your equilibrium.

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Paris Fashion: A New Museum, a Stunning Show

Finally Paris fashion has a museum all its own! Under renovation for the last four years, Palais Galliera has now reopened with Alaïa. It’s the first French tribute ever for Azzedine Alaïa, who has been making […]

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Paris fashion: simply elegant shoe by Roger Vivier

Paris Fashion: Satin and Stilettos

He invented the stiletto, created the coronation pumps for Queen Elizabeth and made sure Dior women were elegant from head to toe. Shoe guru Roger Vivier saw the shoe as a sculpture and treated it like a work […]

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