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Paris Museums: Dries Van Noten’s Hit Parade

Want to see three top-notch shows in one? Just head to the Museum of Decorative Arts for Dries Van Noten: Inspirations. When it comes to chic, Paris museums are always inventive—but this show is about more […]

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Paris Fashion: A Real Landmark Show

If you really want to understand Paris fashion—from couture to street style—head over to the Museum of Decorative Arts. Every new exhibition claims to be a Paris must-see but their “Fashioning Fashion” is indeed unique. Here, in one hundred outfits, you can see how history’s best-dressed Europeans actually looked. Amazingly, every piece is also in perfect condition.

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Art in Paris: One for the Boys

If you think of great art in Paris as pastries, scarves and stilettos, chances are your male companions feel a little left out. They’ve probably spent a large percentage of your joint travel time toting bags, cooling their heels and stifling their yawns in front of store windows.

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