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The shelves of wine, ranging from steal to splurge, at Les Papilles

Paris Restaurant Reviews: Les Papilles

I panicked, on a recent winter night, when some friends asked me to organize a dinner. Choosing a restaurant is something that I usually enjoy, but the guests for this particular occasion were a couple of chefs. And not just any chefs, but senior chefs working in three-star restaurants.

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Late nights get rowdy and tourists get fearless at Le Verre Volé—just ask this break-dancing American

Le Verre Volé

Le Verre Volé is a shoebox-size wine bar along the banks of the Canal St.-Martin. Its name means “the stolen glass.” I don’t know about the missing stemware, but I can attest to having lost many other things at this joint, including cash, moderation and my natural wine virginity.

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Paris Restaurant: Thoumieux

Today’s restaurant isn’t exactly a “current fave,” but it’s most certainly au courant. The foodie blogosphere is now buzzing with talk of Thoumieux, a left bank bistro with a locally famous chef.

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La Cantine du Troquet

It’s been more than a year since my last visit to La Cantine du Troquet. Since that time, I’ve told countless friends that this informal Basque resto is among my favorite spots. Still, it’s been hard to find my way back to this southern corner of Paris, which lies three subway lines away from my nest in the 19th. I suppose I was also afraid that it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered.

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Le Baron Rouge

As a young person growing up in Kansas, I couldn’t imagine anything more disgusting than raw oysters. They seemed slimy, stinky and squirmy—why would any sane person want to pop one in her mouth?

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West Country Girl

I’ll admit it: the humble crêperie is one of my favorite places in Paris. The food is affordable—usually less than 15 euros for two courses—and the eating is easy. Nothing goes down better after a night of heavy wine “tasting” than a ham-egg-cheese complète.

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Paris Wine Bar: L’Avant Comptoir

Last night marked my fourth visit to L’Avant Comptoir in just over a week. This new wine bar is nowhere near my apartment, so why am I returning again and again?

It’s the ham. To be precise, it’s the deep-fried ham croquettes.

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Rice & Fish

“You have to go,” said my very pregnant friend. “I’ve been twice in one week.”

“For sushi?” I replied, with a skeptical eye directed down at her belly.

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Feting the New ‘Paris by Mouth’

It was standing room only the other night as Anglophone food bloggers from across Paris came to Daniel Rose’s Spring Boutique to fete our very own Meg Zimbeck and Barbra Austin for the launch of their new website, Paris by Mouth.

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Ze Kitchen Galerie

Ze Kitchen Galerie is a restaurant that I avoided for many years for one simple and superficial reason: that name is stupid. The faux-French pronunciation . . . the dual-purpose (food/art) pretension . . . I can barely think about it without rolling my eyes.

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Le Bistrot Paul Bert

My first meal at this restaurant took place many years ago, during my second-ever visit to Paris. I was lucky enough to be staying with friends who lived in Paris and loved to eat—friends who knew about special places like Le Bistrot Paul Bert. Memory is patchy, but a few first impressions have stuck with me: the warm and sweetly worn decor, the generous cooking and the delightful absence of other tourists.

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