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5 Under-the-Radar Things to do in Bordeaux

by Ira Szmuk Plenty of articles have been written about Bordeaux and its charms. However, this city is so much more than wine and beautiful…

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Shopping in Paris: Top Five Market Streets

In Paris there are street markets and market streets. Understanding that there is a difference can be confusing. Street markets are what the French call marchés, which are often translated into roving markets or […]

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Paris Restaurants: Christmas Meals

Christmas in Paris is a spectacular time to truly see the City of Light shine. While beautiful white lights line the streets and frame the store windows, many Paris restaurants close on and around the major […]

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Guide to Paris: beautiful antiques at the brocantes

Guide to Paris Treasure Hunting

One of the charms of browsing the secondhand dealers in Paris is the thrill of the unexpected. Landing eyes on an item that evokes pleasant memories, or that taunts with promises of fitting a spot or filling a need perfectly, clutches the shopper’s heart—and wallet. As someone who has written a guide to Paris markets, I’ve learned that antiques, brocante and vintage are an important part of the Paris shopping experience.

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Paris markets: legumes de Joel

A Locavore’s Guide to Paris Markets

My first advice to people planning a trip to Paris is to find out where their local market is. Paris markets are a hub of activity and exchange, a place where locals and visitors can not only shop but also take part in a ritual that supports local farms and seasonal produce. More than a museum or a bus tour, markets can teach you about the value that a city puts on shopping for, preparing and enjoying food.

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Paris secrets: produce at the Marché de l'Olive

Paris Secrets: An Afternoon at the Marché de l’Olive

Contrary to common belief in Paris, the world doesn’t end at the périphérique. In fact, many people fail to realize just how many Paris secrets are itching to be discovered in the remoter neighborhoods along the city’s periphery. On a recent excursion with friends, who happen to live in Paris’s northern extremity, we uncovered the grunge-glam Marché de l’Olive, a laid-back […]

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La Cucina di Terresa in Paris

Cooking Lessons in Paris at La Cucina di Terresa

Terresa Murphy’s strength as a teacher and chef comes from her ability to immediately imbue others with the passions essential to her existence: great food, good friends and the places where the two collide. The intoxicating effects of these passions last as long as the lessons learned when one takes cooking lessons in Paris from this extraordinary American expat.

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The seasonal Ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde

Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Paris

Paris is a place with a mythical, magical quality. Every day of the year can be special, but the City of Light really lives up…

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Paris Markets: The Marché d’Aligre

After all this time in Paris, I have become something of a know-it-all. Not good. It was time to shake things up a bit and see Paris from someone else’s point of view. I needed a private tour of one of the Paris markets. Naturally, I thought of my friend Anne. She has a blog, A Foodie Froggy in Paris, where she gives relatively easy, modern French recipes in English. She also gives cooking lessons in her home a few times a month, edits a few local cooking magazines and occasionally gives tours of the Marché d’Aligre. If that is not enough, I have something of a schoolgirl’s admiration for Anne. She is, to me, the epitome of Parisian chic—beautiful, elegant and incredibly natural about it all. Mercifully, Anne agreed to help me out: Meet me at 11 a.m. in front of Blé Sucré, she ordered. OK, I replied, too embarrassed to admit that I had no idea what the Blé Sucré actually was.

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Shopping is fun when you're solo in Paris

Solo in Paris on Sunday: Biking Alone in the City of Light

I love being in Paris solo. That’s not to say that I don’t have a wonderful time when I’m here with my family or friends, or guiding people around, but I think my absolute favorite experience is to have the city all to myself.

I’m staying at a lovely flat rented from Just France in the 7th Arrondissement, near the boulevard Raspail and the organic market that takes place on Sunday mornings. Waking up in the morning, when I want, and deciding what I want to do from moment to moment without consulting others is a guilty pleasure.

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Raspail Organic Market

It is a cold, rainy Sunday morning, but I don’t mind. I never mind a cold Sunday morning in Paris, because the treats and the vendors at my local organic market are full of warmth. As I head out the door, I can almost smell the potato pancakes sizzling on the griddle chez Les Gustalins. It is always my first stop, mostly because it is the first stand on the right as I approach boulevard Raspail from rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th Arrondissement.

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Scrooge’s Guide to Christmas in Paris: Part I

I’m one of those holiday nuts. December 26 begins a countdown to my very FAVORITE time of year! I break out the decorations and CDs way too early. I shop year-round for gifts. Though I’m ashamed to admit it, I actually own a pair of tacky reindeer horns. Bref, I go off the holiday deep end. I have so many wonderful memories with my family that it’s a time of year I really cherish.

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The best markets in Provence

The quality of the produce is impressive here in Provence. However, all produce is not created equal. The first year I was here…

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