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Paris Apartment Rentals by Area

Paris is a wholly different place depending on where you stay. Here are three distinct and different areas of Paris…

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Paris Restaurants: Métropolitain

We had dinner at the Métropolitain not so long ago. Don’t worry, the Métropolitain isn’t the Parisian subway but a….

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Men’s Stores in Paris: El Ganso

Guys guide to Paris, no I can’t write that. But I want to throw a bone to our readers who are men. I happened to be married to one….

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Things to Do in Paris: Top 10 Must-Dos in the Marais

The Marais, once a marsh and not even important enough to be included in the walled Paris of King Philippe-Auguste, is now a hot spot and one of the most desirable residential areas of the city. An eclectic mix of […]

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Paris Restaurants: Claude Colliot

Chef-patron Claude Colliot set up shop in the heart of the Marais in 2009, having earned his stripes at la Bamboche on the other side of the river. Paris restaurants don’t get much better than this one; it set […]

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Plan B, a quick-service and delicious Paris café in the Marais district, offers tarts, soups, salads, and desserts

Paris Restaurants: Plan B

I was shopping in the Marais the other day and wanted to pop in somewhere for a quick bite. Though I enjoy Rose Bakery and Poilâne, I didn’t feel like throwing down 20 euros for lunch on the run, but I wanted something more substantial than Subway, which seems to be popping up on every corner now. Enter Plan B, a great little gem among Paris restaurants that opened last summer and did indeed turn out to be the perfect backup plan.

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The breakfast room and lounge at Jules et Jim

Three Nights, Three Paris Hotels and One Contest

I was recently on a whirlwind trip through Paris and decided to check out some new hotels. I simply had to stay at the Legend, in the 6th Arrondissement, as we are currently partnering with the hotel and offering a free two-night stay there through a photo contest with our partner Tempting Places.

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Caféware at the Village Saint-Paul

Paris Shopping: The Village Saint-Paul

A few months ago we were out and about shopping in Paris when Mr. French realized that he was about to miss France’s last game in the annual Six Nation’s rugby tournament. We needed a pub, and quickly. The Auld Alliance, a Scottish pub and rugby bar, was mercifully close, but as we arrived, there were crowds and crowds of drunken adults wearing absurdly large green-framed glasses and even sillier green-furred party hats. How could we have forgotten? It was St. Patty’s Day!

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Discovering Jewish Paris

Think of the Marais, and hundreds of hip boutiques spring to mind, leaving you feeling like a little girl in a sweetshop, dizzy on sugar, unsure where to start. While that’s certainly one impression you might have of the neighborhood, there’s another, older facet to the area. Centered here is a strong Jewish community, with a rich and tragic history, that has recently been revived.

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Five Key Tips, Apartment Rentals in Paris

Air B n B has taken over the apartment rental in Paris business much to the dismay of more local and knowledgeable vacation…

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