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Battle of the French Macarons

Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, and Fauchon are only a few names in the big business of macarons. As a matter of fact…

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Top Five Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Romance is a part of Parisian culture, and locals and tourists alike show no shame in expressing their love in public. With that in mind, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, this list of the top five […]

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Students at Cook'n with Class

Hands-On French Pastries: Macaron Classes at Cook’n with Class

I’m known among my friends as an exacting and judgmental connoisseur of macarons, those famous French pastries. I’ve tried nearly every macaron shop in Paris and have

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Macarons in Paris: Happy Birthday, Ladurée!

Parisians love few things more than a birthday, but one of those things is the Ladurée macaron. This year they can celebrate these passions together, since 2012 marks Ladurée’s sesquicentennial. It’s also the year their famous biscuit reaches the age of 60. All types of macarons in Paris have their story. But that of the Ladurée macaron is especially Parisian.

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Tutti Frutti at Café Pouchkine

Top 10 Pastry Shops in Paris

What are the best pastry shops in Paris? Ask most people—or read any Parisian guidebook—and you’ll hear some variation of the following list: Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Stohrer, Gérard Mulot and Blé Sucré. When I first took an interest in Parisian pastry, and kept coming across those same names, it seemed odd. In a city renowned for its work in pastry, and jammed with countless world-class chefs of every stripe, there had to be more than five patisseries worth visiting.

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Small and Sweet and Good to Eat: Where to Find the Best Macarons in Paris

Belgium and Switzerland probably produce the best chocolate in the world, America is the undisputed home of the cupcake and Vienna could give France a run for its money in the patisserie stakes. But when it comes to macarons, there’s no doubt that Paris is the undisputed reine. But what started the passion for macarons in Paris?

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Let Them Eat Macarons

Dainty macarons are just as cool as cupcakes, but they’re more than a fad in France. Le macaron is a delicacy: a melt-in-the-mouth meringue sandwich with a delicate crispy shell and a creamy ganache or jelly center.

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