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Accessories at Richmond in Paris

Shopping in Paris: Luxurious Accessories at a New Boutique

Sometimes while shopping in Paris, you walk into a store and think, “Mais oui—I want one of everything!” Richmond, a new boutique in the 17th Arrondissement, is one such shop. Mari, the owner, has filled the store with trinkets and accessories of the utmost luxury and quality, while also boasting reasonable prices.

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A unique design by Charlotte Bialas

Charlotte Bialas’s Vintage Take on French Luxury

Ever wanted to own a vintage piece by a French luxury brand but couldn’t afford even 20-year-old Dior or Chanel? If you pay a visit to Charlotte Bialas, you’re halfway to your dream come true.

The Swedish-born designer prides herself on traveling the globe to acquire exquisite fabrics made specially for the world’s biggest fashion houses

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Paris Luxury: A Special Peek behind the Scenes

No one does style better than Paris luxury brands. This year, for the first time ever, 25 key players in that market will welcome visitors into their workshops, private mansions and family vineyards. They are calling the occasion Les Journées Particulières and describe it as “a voyage through the most emblematic and inspiring sites of luxury.” It will be a very special, totally French tribute to this autumn’s theme—le voyage—of the Journées du Patrimoine.

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Art in Paris: One for the Boys

If you think of great art in Paris as pastries, scarves and stilettos, chances are your male companions feel a little left out. They’ve probably spent a large percentage of your joint travel time toting bags, cooling their heels and stifling their yawns in front of store windows.

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