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When Louis Met Marc: Paris Fashion with an American Accent

In an upcoming exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris fashion meets New York know-how.

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Portrait of Louis Vuitton (1821–92)

Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Odyssey: Time Travel à la Mode

No matter how seductive those airline or cruise ship ads, travel today is often more trying than glamorous. Hence the special appeal of Travel Capital: Louis Vuitton & Paris, on view at the Musée Carnavalet through February 27, 2011. This multimedia exhibition takes visitors back to moments which, since the mid-19th century, made Paris that city we know. You might think it’s all just stacks of beautiful baggage. Au contraire! Stuffed with fashion, history and savoir faire, the show leaves not one drawer of its famous trunks unopened.

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An essential for the classic French look, a handbag from Céline is a great buy during the soldes in Paris

Les Soldes 2011

The year 2011 has arrived. Excited? Me, too. All I can think about is shopping, shopping, shopping! On January 12, staff will be up extra early to open their shops at 8 a.m., an ungodly hour for a city that doesn’t usually get started until 10 a.m., to reveal some amazing discounts. 

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The old-fashioned arcades on the Champs Elysées

Aux Champs Elysées

“At noon or at midnight, there is everything you want on the Champs Elysées.” Joe Dassin’s song about the Paris icon spins through my head every time I find myself walking the world’s most famous avenue. The song is lovely, nostalgic and oh-so-romantic. But what about the avenue itself? There is much debate among Parisophiles, and I understand the logic when some bemoan the commercialization of the street. “It’s turned into a shopping mall of brands you can find anywhere in the world!” they cry. It’s true: the Gap, McDonald’s and Nike are all there in full force, but this also translates into some very exciting contemporary architecture, with enough traditional addresses to make it worth the trip—especially at Christmas, when the holiday lights give the neighborhood a uniquely festive feel and the spiced wine from the Christmas market perfumes the air.

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