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Paris Top Five: European Getaways

As the winter ski holidays end and spring break looms ahead, Parisians have only one thing on their minds—make plans for the long weekends in May, all three of them! Much of Europe is just a short flight or train ride […]

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chanel bag versus mulberry bag

Paris vs. London

The best of Paris versus the best of London—which comes out on top? It’s really impossible to compare these two truly great cities, but it’s sure fun to try, particularly if you have a wonderful illustrator at your side. So this is what we set out to do in the first issue of our new digital magazine, Girls’ Guide to Paris ET PLUS, a guide to Paris and the rest of the world.

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Stella McCartney in London

Finding Paris in London

In all our worldly travels, Paris remains one of our favorite places on earth. It’s nearly impossible for us to tear ourselves away from the enchanting City of Light once we’ve set foot on its storied boulevards. But since inevitably we must, we can’t help but seek out a little bit of Paris in every city we visit, whether it’s finding a replica of the classic French bistro in New York or sampling our favorite Parisian designer in Beijing.

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Why French Women Love London

The French adore London. More than 400,000 French nationals reside there full-time, enjoying their own embassy (with its huge cultural complex, maternelle, lycée, French-language school, etc.), their own […]

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