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Loire Valley: Chinon & Blois

There is a lot to see in the Loire Valley, too much to write about in one post. The first time I went, I visited…

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The Loire en Famille

Recently, we toured the Loire Valley. I enjoyed that many of the castles tailored their activities around welcoming families with children. This is a great way to engage the kids and teach them some history at the […]

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Domaine Richou Anjou Gamay 2009

Back in the day of the 14th-century French dukes and their edicts, the Gamay grape managed to get itself kicked out of Burgundy—outlawed, actually—and relegated to Beaujolais. Despite Gamay’s checkered past and its least flattering modern incarnation as Beaujolais Nouveau, we ought not allow ourselves to be soured on the grape. There are simply many worthy examples of Gamay to explore and enjoy.

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