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Accessories at Richmond in Paris

Shopping in Paris: Luxurious Accessories at a New Boutique

Sometimes while shopping in Paris, you walk into a store and think, “Mais oui—I want one of everything!” Richmond, a new boutique in the 17th Arrondissement, is one such shop. Mari, the owner, has filled the store with trinkets and accessories of the utmost luxury and quality, while also boasting reasonable prices.

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Humiecki and Graef limited porcelain edition

One-Stop Shopping for Haute Perfume in Paris

You can step into the world of haute perfume in Paris with just one visit to Jovoy Paris, on the rue de Castiglione, in the 1st Arrondissement. In Jovoy, François Hénin has created a showcase for the history, artistry and creativity of perfume. His love for and dedication to perfume is clear within minutes of speaking with him. This is a store that is not focused on selling; instead, it is focused on creating the optimal experience for your olfactory senses.

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Francis Kurkdjian

Three Parisian Perfume Houses: The Classic, the Ladylike and the Cutting Edge

You have your skinny jeans and ballet flats, your chicest handbag and the perfect scarf. What else might you need to perfect your

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