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Guide to Paris: l'Hôtel

A Guide to Paris for Literature Lovers

Paris: the city that has inspired artists, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers for centuries. And within minutes of wandering […]

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French lessons: a mirror to oneself

French Lessons: L’Amour-Propre/Self-Esteem

French Lessons is the story of an American woman’s transformation while visiting Paris, when she is befriended by a wise, witty and chic French godmother.

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A picture of Marily Monroe from Tilar Mazzeo's book on Chanel No. 5.

On Champagne, Chanel No. 5 and Paris Luxury

Author Tilar Mazzeo is a connoisseur of Paris luxury who has written best sellers about two of her favorites: champagne (The Widow Clicquot) and perfume (The Secret of Chanel No. 5). Currently, she is writing a wartime history of the Ritz to be called The Ritz at War: Luxury in Occupied Paris. She confesses that all her work results from an addiction to “the business of beautiful things.”

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