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Paris Bars: Best Spots for Happy Hour

With good reason, Paris is widely known for its charm and its cozy streets that inspire leisurely walks. It is less recognized as the bustling urban metropolis brimming with professionals that it also is. Long days in […]

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Shopping in Paris: Falling in Love at Mauboussin

Paris is a city that is characterized as both the most romantic and the most fashionable in the world. Each year, the city accommodates millions of visitors eager to experience the magic for themselves. While […]

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The Girls’ Guide Goes to Paris Fashion Week

Many come to Paris looking to explore one (or perhaps all) of the three F’s: food, a French fling or, the most eminent, French fashion. Distinguished as the fashion capital of the world, it may be no surprise that twice a year the City of Light is inundated with fashion professionals and enthusiasts alike to partake in the much-anticipated Paris Fashion Week.

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Tour of Paris: Lights, Camera, Paris!

Paris can’t help its cinematic nature. Just look at her—she’s gorgeous! Each picturesque corner, whether you are wandering the Latin Quarter or circling the Place Vendôme, begs the question: haven’t I seen this in […]

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Paris must-do: Miss Cupcake in the Marais

Paris Must-See Neighborhood: Girls’ Day Out in the Marais

With a variety of chocolatiers, lingerie shops and charming cafés, it’s no surprise that Paris is a city that awakens the feminine spirit. One quartier that appeals to

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Hair by Style Pixie, a salon in Paris

Paris Beauty: Hair That Speaks to You in Paris

For decades, Parisian woman have been branded with the iconic image of being poised, well styled and groomed. Whether this cliché rings true or has…

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Madame Moustache

Paris Art: Street Art Gets Girly

Paris is a city that attracts art lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re absorbing history down the expansive halls of the Louvre or checking out the latest in modern art at the newly renovated hipster haven Palais de Tokyo, the City of Light is known for its generous feasts for the eyes. One movement of Paris art that begs to be noticed is the globe-spanning street-art scene. The debate continues on whether this new art form is our generation’s answer to Keith Haring or just glorified graffiti that is polluting and deteriorating the old-world charm of Paris.

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Adopte un Mec, a French online dating website

Shopping for Men in Paris

Online dating is a fairly new idea in France, but it’s quickly become a common way to meet other singles. Like in America, there are several sites that tailor to the different needs of those interested in dating in Paris. For example, for those looking for marriage or a serious relationship, there is the humorously titled Attractive World. Cougar Rencontre, as you can guess, caters to older women who want to prey on younger men, and hey, if you’re looking to commit adultery, there’s the egregious Gleeden. It’s true when they say that there’s something for everyone out there. If you’re like me, who was curious, looking for something a little more fun, less dramatic and definitely less specific, there is Adopte Un Mec (Adopt a Dude), a quirky dating site that caters to women . . . who like to shop.

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