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Top Five Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Romance is a part of Parisian culture, and locals and tourists alike show no shame in expressing their love in public. With that in mind, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, this list of the top five […]

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Paris shopping: luxurious lingerie at Eres

Paris Shopping: Lingerie

The French do underwear so well that the English adopted their word for it: lingerie. And with Fifty Shades of Grey a runaway best seller soon to hit the silver screen, it’s safe to say that sexy is “in.” Sounds like the perfect time for some serious Paris shopping—the kind that involves looking for souvenirs you won’t want to share with just anyone.

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Restaurant 1728 in Paris

Valentine’s Day Must-Do’s in Paris

Le Saint-Valentin. It even sounds sexy in French, and this year I am dreaming up a particularly sexy Valentine’s Day in Paris. My dream begins with waking up in a luxurious hotel, like le Pavillon de la Reine, located under the arcades of the quintessentially romantic Place des Vosges. After a decadent breakfast in bed, wearing Monsieur’s dress shirt from the night before, I’d put on some tight jeans, with a large cashmere boyfriend sweater, and some decent boots that have heels that I can actually walk in. Then, we’d head out the door to celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic must-do’s in Paris.

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Marvelous Noir by Stella Cadente

Top 10 French Lingerie Trends in Paris

Paris, the lingerie capital of the world. From the blush of sweet memories in soft pastels to the flirty promise of dramatic brights, welcome to this season’s garden party of French Lingerie Chic.

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Our Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Paris, the City of Light… and lovers. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we thought we would get into the mood with a little lingerie shopping to find some alluring ensembles perfect for romance.

What kind of sexy are you: angelic, mischievous or seductive? Check out our lineup to find your lingerie style: a creamy white duo for the angelic, bright red for the more mischievous […]

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Franco Files: She’s Got ‘Le Look’

Chic. Even in English we use the French term. It is a stereotype, to be sure, but like the best stereotypes, this one comes with…

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Tango in Paris

Ah, Paris, the City of Light . . . and lovers. Agent Provocateur’s summer line is out, so we decided to highlight lingerie we love! Even if you are not French, these underpinnings, from the sexy hot-pink Belinda suspender to the limited-edition Gardinia corset, will make you feel like the belle de la nuit into the jour.

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City of Love: Romantic Paris with Friends

Time with my girlfriends in Paris is usually spent drooling in front of the shopwindows of Dior and Chloé, or recovering from the sugar coma derived from eating too many Ladurée macarons. Of course, these are wonderful activities, but make no mistake: this is Paris, the city of love and romance. So, even when I’m sans a plus-one, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the romantic city with my favorite lady pals in tow. Here is a rundown of my favorite places.

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French Valentine’s Day Gifts

You’ve waited until the last minute to think about Valentine’s day, who among us can’t relate. Its happened…

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