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Paris restaurants: inside le Timbre

Paris Restaurants: Le Timbre

This local Vavin favorite may run low on square footage, but chef Chris Wright and his team never fail to make a huge impression. While the Manchester-born Wright isn’t a native, his culinary mastery of traditional […]

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Paris bistros: l'Eléphant du Nil

Paris Bistros: Manger à la Bonne Franquette

While Paris enjoys a reputation as the culinary capital of the world, finding a value meal in this city can be a real brain twister. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after eating my way through the Parisian restaurant […]

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Paris Hotels We Love

On a recent Paris stay, I decided to try the Hôtel Sainte-Beuve. Since most of our readers love staying in the 6th Arrondissement or the Marais, hunting down another charmer on the left bank is always important. Nicholas Noonan is new to the Paris hotel business. As a recent investor in the Hôtel Sainte-Beuve, and owner of the Hôtel Verneuil, he is lucky to have partners and managers who have run these charming hotels smoothly and with kindness for years. The Sainte-Beuve doesn’t disappoint.

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Le Timbre

I first visited this place with a couple of girlfriends more than three years ago. Our table wasn’t ready, so we waited with a glass of wine at the kitchen counter, where we tried to stay out of the way of the busy serveuse while chatting and watching the chef cook away. I was charmed. The aptly named le Timbre is the size of a postage stamp, a single room with a tiny kitchen in the back. Every inch of space is put to use. There is a banquette along each wall, and you’ll need help getting in and out.

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