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Top Five Paris Wine Bars

Paris wine bars have been a neighborhood tradition since the 18th century when coach stops provided food and drink to exhausted riders while caring for their horses. That countryside was enveloped by the city […]

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Finding the Finest Natural French Wine in Paris

If you’re a fan of French wine and haven’t enjoyed a bottle of vin naturel yet, now is the time to discover the exhilarating by-product of biodynamic vines and an organic approach to wine making. A good place to start your search for natural French wine is at any one of a number of Paris restaurants, caves or bars à vin that sell low-sulfite, high-flavor varieties.

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Le Baron Rouge

As a young person growing up in Kansas, I couldn’t imagine anything more disgusting than raw oysters. They seemed slimy, stinky and squirmy—why would any sane person want to pop one in her mouth?

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Sautéed lamb with white beans is among the traditional fare on the menu at Le Rubis, in the 1st Arrondissement, in Paris

Le Rubis

I don’t know about you, but I find it reassuring that a place like Le Rubis still exists in Paris, particularly in a high-rent part of town, where one of the hottest places to “eat” is something called a water bar. Le Rubis is a 1930s-era bar à vin that seems to have changed little since then.

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