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Paris neighborhoods: discovering Montmartre

Paris Neighborhoods: A Tour with l’Esprit de Montmartre

No trip to the City of Light is complete without a visit to Paris neighborhoods like Montmartre. This hilltop neighborhood, with its small-village feel and big city thrill, has something for everyone. If you’re planning on exploring the area with kids, a new tour, l’Esprit de Montmartre, offers an experience that will engage and surprise the whole family.

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Petit Pan

Purely Paris: All That Glitters

As la grisaille (the grayness) settles in, winter Paris starts to become black and white. Yet this is also when the city’s shopwindows work their magic: plenty of sparkle spiked with gorgeous colors. On gloomy days, they charm residents into many a Paris boutique such as Petit Pan.

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Try the merguez or the lamb brochettes at Chez Omar, which offers a taste of North Africa in the north Marais neighborhood of Paris

Chez Omar

Opening the menu at Chez Omar, I was surprised to see oeufs mayonnaise, steak frites and other Paris restaurant standbys. I had forgotten, since my last visit a full four years ago, that they served anything but couscous. That’s what everyone is there for.

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The Fat Tire bike tour is a great way to see Paris with your teen in tow.

Traveling with Teens in Paris

When I decided to take my teen to Paris for a vacation, I thought, I hope I’m not making a huge mistake. Generally speaking, the average teen boy would rather spend his first two weeks of summer vacation watching sports, playing X-Box, hiding in his room or hanging out with friends. Not on a two-week vacation with mom—even if it is in Paris.

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A game of pétanque at the Champs de Mars, part of the local Paris you can find in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

The Not-So-Secret Life in Paris

Sometimes I feel like I don’t exist. Like I’m a ghost that nobody can see or hear. This happens often in Paris, mostly when I am being ignored by an overly busy café waiter, but especially when I go on my morning run at the Champ de Mars. It’s amazing to me, but there seem to be two parallel universes in that park. The tourists come to stroll, picnic and, of course, climb the Eiffel Tower. They are out there in full force, yet never have I seen them stop to photograph the local scene. And what a local scene there is!

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Teens in Paris

What to do while visiting Paris with a teen, in 500 words or less. GAWK! I can’t do that. As a mother and an interloper…

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Al Taglio, a kid-friendly pizza restaruant with locations in the 3rd and 11th arrondissements of Paris

Al Taglio

Al Taglio has just opened a second location (after their first in Oberkampf) in the 3rd Arrondissement, which means there are now two places to procure some of my favorite pizza for lunch in Paris.

The pizza at Al Taglio is sold by weight as it sometimes is in Rome.

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Kids being kids at Mama Shelter.

Eating Out in Paris . . . With Kids

Parisians rarely dine out with their children. Doing so is not practical when restaurants open at eight o’clock in the evening and the kids should be in bed by nine. It is expensive, and it is reserved as a very special treat. But children are welcome at many local restaurants, and if the three-hour meals with hefty bills are a bit much for your family, there are plenty of gourmet alternatives that allow foodie parents to enjoy their visit while keeping junior happy.

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