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Paris Restaurants: Blueberry

I was sitting at home reading a press release about a tempting new Japanese place called Blueberry when my partner, who is not a foodie and […]

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Paris Restaurants: Clandestino

When Marcelo Julio and the chef Masayuki Shibuya cheekily set up camp in an abandoned Korean food joint last July, recycling suddenly took a very tasty turn. Masayuki’s modern take on French cuisine peppered […]

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Nigri at Kura, a sophisticated spot for Japanese food in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris

Paris Restaurant reviews: Kura

While Paris is obviously the place to go for the native French cuisine, it hasn’t hit the same stride as most cosmopolitan cities in offering diners a wide array of ethnic food options. Though there are quite a few places where you can get sushi to go—or on a conveyor belt—I’ve struggled to find good-quality Japanese cooking at a Paris restaurant. So it was with extreme jubilation that I accepted an invitation to a fairly new Japanese restaurant in the 16th Arrondissement called Kura.

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The minimalist room at La Table d'Aki, the new 7th Arrondissement Paris restaurant where chef Akihiro Horikoshi cooks Japanese-influenced French cuisine

La Table d’Aki

I first met Akihiro Horikoshi two weeks ago. Mr. French and I were walking up the rue Vaneau in the 7th Arrondissement when I noticed a change. For years I’d been simultaneously intrigued and repulsed by a restaurant with a charmingly old-fashioned facade featuring tatty curtains that were gray from centimeters of dust. The revolting curtains were gone!

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Udon with shrimp tempura at the Japanese noodle house Kunitoraya, in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris


This is surely one of the most popular addresses in the Japanese neighborhood around rue Ste.-Anne, and it’s one of my favorites, too. Kunitoraya is part of a mini-empire of Paris restaurants that includes the younger but higher-end Kunitoraya 2, as well as a Japanese-French bakery/café, Aki, where you can get a brioche with a beguiling swirl of matcha and (I’m not making this up) a sandwich made from a baguette stuffed with gyoza, the pan-fried dumplings served in noodle shops.

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Sea bass with hearts-of-palm salad at Sola, a Franco-Japanese restaurant in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris


Exposed beams, an ancient door and a cave dating to the Middle Ages: this seems like an unlikely setting for a Paris restaurant serving ultracontemporary Franco-Japanese fare, yet somehow it all works.

Upstairs is an elegant, classic dining room, but downstairs in the “salle japonaise” you’ll be asked to remove your shoes for a seat at one of the sunken tables.

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The neighborhood around the rue Ste.-Anne, sometimes called Little Japan or Little Tokyo, overflows with Japanese restaurants, themselves overflowing with hungry people—local business people, students, families—lined up for inexpensive soba, udon, rice bowls or ramen.

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Breizh Café

Every time I visit this place and bite into one of their savory buckwheat galettes, nutty and crisp on the edges, I kick myself for not eating there more often. “Breizh” means “Brittany” in the Breton language (and it is a language, not a dialect of French), and the menu here is a culinary treasure chest of the region. Oysters from the coast, charcuterie from the land, cider from the apple trees and, of course, butter.

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All Things Japanese in Paris

As Paris welcomes the Japan Expo, we’re celebrating all things Japanese in the capital, from food to fashion.

The Japan Expo is an international festival

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The fun at Shu starts the moment you step through the door, a child-size portal on quiet rue Suger that leads to a cool and calm den with stone walls, broad wooden tables surrounded by cushioned benches, and a pristine little kitchen with a counter and a few seats.

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