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The Best French Tours

So you’ve decided to come to Paris but want to see another part of France, too. People often ask me where to go. No harder question could be[…]

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Paris in Chicago

A Peninsula Hotel is opening in Paris, just steps from the Arc de Triomphe and locals are so excited that when I…

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Perusing the Passages of Paris

If you don’t know about the Paris passages, you must learn. I don’t mean to sound professorial, but I made the same mistake….

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Top Five New Hotels in Paris

For the Artist and Fashionista
The Edgar hotel and its very popular restaurant are located a short walk from the much-loved rue Montorgueil in the 2nd Arrondissement. This […]

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Paris Travel: HolidayCheck

I wouldn’t call myself a nervous traveler, because being that kind of traveler does not sound like fun, and I do love fun, but the moment my plane touches down at my destination, I begin to worry: it’s already 7 p.m.—where will I eat tonight? No meal eaten during a vacation should be wasted for the sake of convenience! And then there’s the hotel: it looked nice, but will my room have […]

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Guide to Paris: l'Hôtel

A Guide to Paris for Literature Lovers

Paris: the city that has inspired artists, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers for centuries. And within minutes of wandering […]

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Paris tours: the Izraël spice shop in the Marais

Paris Tours: Eye Prefer Paris Girlfriend Tours

Paris is a relatively small metropolis, but it’s stuffed with sights, boutiques and historical landmarks that you could spend your whole life discovering. Though I live here and spend as much time in the Marais as I do in my own neighborhood of the 18th Arrondissement, I know very little about the buildings I so often walk past.

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Boutique Paris hotels: Hotel Pont Royal

Boutique Paris Hotels, Part II

Although there’s no shortage of gorgeous and accommodating Paris hotels to choose from, sometimes nothing beats the personalized service and niche novelty of a truly special boutique hotel. Luckily, there’s also no shortage of those in Paris. No matter what your style or budget is, these Paris hotels are sure to make your stay a memorable one.

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Bozouls, in the Aveyron

Getaways in the South of France: The Aveyron

I’ve been visiting my sister at her house in the Aveyron for years and recently returned from an exquisite four-day stay. She asked me to come down and help her with her garden, but the pleasure was all mine. This area makes for one of the best getaways in the south of France. It’s an unspoiled, undiscovered central-south region not marred by as many tourist buses as Provence or the Loire. In fact, normally the only tourists you see in the region are French.

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Perfect Paris Itineraries

There are so many ways to experience Paris! For your next trip to the City of Light, here are some creative Paris itineraries that showcase a few…

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Patatas bravas at Sergi Arola's new Spanish tapas spot, Restaurant Arola, at the W Hotel in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris

Restaurant Arola

The newest spot in town, the W Hotel, brought the crème de la crème of all my favorite regions of the world together under one roof at the new Restaurant Arola, named after the Catalan chef-owner, Sergi Arola. This Paris restaurant fuses a chic New York ambience with Catalan tapas and platillos while adding a touch of Parisian flair to the cuisine.

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Hôtel Fontaines de Luxembourg

Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

A spontaneous weekend in a hotel room in Paris makes for the perfect romantic holiday. If you are looking to reinvigorate your relationship, rekindle a lost romance or fan the flames of a newly burning one, the City of Light is, and has been for years, one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

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A surreal effect for the dining room

Hotels in Paris: La Maison des Centraliens / La Maison Champs Elysées

If I were going to open a fantastic luxury hotel in Paris, I probably would not call it La Maison des Centraliens, which explains why this gorgeous hotel is trying to impose its name as La Maison Champs Elysées. ’Tis not an easy task, because the trendy new hotel has been the headquarters of the Centraliens for nearly 100 years. Which leads to the question, What is a Centralien? The Ecole Centrale de Paris is a very exclusive engineering school.

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Château d’Urtubie

Basking in the French Basque Country

Recently I was lucky enough to venture en famille to the glorious Basque region of France. The town in the area that you might have heard of is Biarritz, but having been there previously, and not having loved it, we decided to stay near Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Saint-Jean—or Luz, as some of the locals call it—is just 10 minutes south of the fading glory of Biarritz and infinitely more adorable and charming. It’s a village filled with white stucco buildings with red roofs and red shutters unique to the Basque region. Actually, they are a shade of burned red; you might call the color bordeaux, but we are two hours south of Bordeaux here and on the Atlantic Ocean. Saint-Jean is a wonderful walking town, as most of its key shopping streets are closed off to cars and the harbor is terribly picturesque.

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Paris Hotels We Love

On a recent Paris stay, I decided to try the Hôtel Sainte-Beuve. Since most of our readers love staying in the 6th Arrondissement or the Marais, hunting down another charmer on the left bank is always important. Nicholas Noonan is new to the Paris hotel business. As a recent investor in the Hôtel Sainte-Beuve, and owner of the Hôtel Verneuil, he is lucky to have partners and managers who have run these charming hotels smoothly and with kindness for years. The Sainte-Beuve doesn’t disappoint.

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