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Air display, Champs Elysées, Bastille Day in Paris

Confessions of an Expatriate on the Fourth of July

I have to admit it to you all, these last five years have drastically affected my celebrations of the Fourth of July and Bastille Day in Paris. Who’d have imagined that I, lover of all things that explode, would one day not observe the Fourth of July, only to have it replaced by the French independence day? How blasphemous is that for a true-blue American in Paris?

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Crêpes to go: L'Avant Comptoir in Paris

Month of the Crêpe

In France, February 2 is La Chandeleur, a pre-Lenten fête that’s all about crêpes. In Paris, La Chandeleur has gone the way of the galette des rois. In other words, just as the galette des rois is “officially” eaten 12 days after Christmas (but actually enjoyed all the way into February), La Chandeleur means this whole month is devoted to crêpes.

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Winter in Paris

Hordes of tourists flock to Paris in the spring and fall. I certainly can’t fault them—it’s a beautiful time of year. Flat-topped plane and chestnut…

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Pierre Hermé Christmas Cakes

This little piggy . . . Oink, oink. I am something of a glutton for French pastry, particularly anything with chocolate. Or fruit. A rich…

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How to Shop the Christmas Markets

About 600 years ago somebody in Germany had the wonderful idea of holding a local market to sell Christmas cake in the days preceding the…

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Chocolate hedgehogs in the window at Patrick Roger.

Easter in Paris

Last Sunday at the Luxembourg Gardens it was cold and drizzling, yet people of all ages came strolling by with peaceful smiles and small branches…

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Christmas in Paris Dinner

I recall one memorable meal a number of years ago on Christmas Eve with my husband and children and another family and their two kids at Brasserie Flo. What a lovely night it was. The champagne and red wine was flowing. Nathalie’s daughter Justine convinced my son Max and my daughter to try escargot. Even though my kids were old hats at Christmas in Paris, Justine, who was a first timer, had a more sophisticated palate. They’ve loved escargot ever since. But the most memorable moment was surely when we witnessed the dyed blonde in front of us feed her Yorkie his Christmas meal from her plate—a happy little pup indeed and a quintessentially French moment.

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Retro Mania in Paris

Visiting Paris and hoping to meet some real live Parisians? Well, ditch the hotel and get dolled up for the Retro Mania Festival. Imagine the…

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Surviving the Nuit Blanche

Of all the free Paris events devised by Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, October’s Nuit Blanche remains my current favorite. The term nuit blanche translates to “sleepless...
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Christmas Shopping in Paris

You’re in Paris for Christmas! Now . . . where to shop? Forget Les Halles: too crowded. Oubliez Champs Elysées: too touristy. Here are 10 places to get your credit card warmed up. Happy shopping!

Though some of my friends think it’s too close to the Halles experience, I like to grab a buddy and get my shopping done on rue de Rivoli. There are tons of great shops and plenty of cafés in the neighborhood if you need to take a breather.

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Fête de la Musique 2010: Celebrate Women in Music

If you think “feminine” French music is just Edith Piaf and Charlotte Gainsbourg, you need to experience the Fête de la Musique, on Monday, June 21, 2010. During this festival, held annually on the summer solstice, France is filled with every kind of sound from across the Francophone diaspora and beyond.

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