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Paris Shopping: Hôtel Bohême

When one thinks of Paris, it’s hard not to think about fashion, art and style. Unfortunately, many people seem to associate Paris shopping with only the expensive designer shops on the Champs-Elysées, often […]

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Shopping in Paris: stingray clutch by Perrin

Perrin: Shopping in Paris for the Perfect Clutch

Perrin‘s showroom-boutique is hidden away in a lovely, characteristically Parisian courtyard behind the gardens of the Palais Royal. So wonderful and peaceful, yet right in the heart of the city, it’s a very special find when shopping in Paris.

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Paris Shoes and Bags: The ABCs of the Fall/Winter Season

The Word on Shoes and Bags

The best Paris shoes and bags will reinvent your look for the season. From the baroque to the classical, the world of shoes and bags this year is defined by deep colors and luxurious surfaces, from platforms to pumps with decorated heels or open toes. Fall usually promises a selection of boots in a range from the horsey to the street rocker and something between. There is something for everyone: high heels, platforms, flats, boots, wedges, pumps, sandals and equestrienne riding boots or ultimate ballet flats. Just be sure to watch the proportions of the boots, and make sure they are working with your overall look. The leg was the focus of all the fall collections, so be sure to add the right hose, black matte, patterned fishnets, nude hose or colors to accent your shoes. The new black sheer footless hose is going to be the sexy add-on to this fall’s leg looks. Rain or shine, your shoes this season are the defining moment that takes your basics to the next level. Indulging in one or two trends will update your look and help you clean out the closet for this year. Take a look at these designers and remember that everyone will be inspired by them, so you’ll see something you like that matches your budget at every level.

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Paris Style: A Paris Woman’s Perfect French Man

Could Jérôme Dreyfuss be the perfect Parisian male? The tousle-haired designer’s luxury bags are so trendy Woody Allen had to have them for Midnight in Paris. Dreyfuss is married to the Paris style icon Isabel Marant. His slick shops (like his wife’s, all by Nicolas André) are not just in the 6th and the Palais Royal; he also has one on Broome Street in Manhattan. Dreyfuss speaks English so well he can chat about “slow fashion” and “sustainable” leather. (He has a label called Agricouture dedicated to the latter.) And, now, men of Paris—he’s coming after you!

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The Upla bag

Paris Fashion: Travel Bags

Paris fashion is lovely, but safety is an issue, too. When touring, you’ll be spending your days in a crowded metro, busy museums and people-filled parks. People are everywhere, and while 99.9 percent of them are very good and honest, there are a few pickpockets out there, which makes choosing a handbag in Paris an extra challenge. Of course, any handbag that you enjoy traveling with at home will fit the bill. But sometimes it’s fun to follow Paris fashion and get your handbag here.

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Falling for Cordovan

The summer heat is letting up in Paris, and fall is in the air as Parisiennes and tourists alike prepare for the turning of the leaves and the changing of the seasons. We’ll take any excuse to go shopping, and the arrival of autumn doesn’t just mean it’s time to look for that great new coat or stock up on scarves—although you’ll never catch a true Parisienne without a well-tied scarf once the temperature drops.

Fall also means it’s time to […]

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Sparkly Pumps and Purses

The holiday soirées are sadly coming to an end, but we have found the perfect accessories to liven up your same old go-to little black dress in the new year! Jazz yourself up with these sparkly selections from, and you can wear that timeless LBD again and again. Below are our picks for the fabulous shoes and clutches that are sure to spruce up your favorite LBD and have you looking more fashionable and chic—in true Parisienne style—than ever in 2012.

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Parisian women are trendy, chic and oh so practical when it comes to their bags

Shopping in Paris: Le Bag

If Parisiennes are known across the globe as the chicest women on the planet, there must be a very good reason for it. Which is why I follow their fashion choices carefully, especially as I head out to do some shopping in Paris. The international press is full of photos of women sporting the latest it-bag, with initials like CD, YSL and LV. But most of the local women I observe are toting brands very few of us would recognize, so if you would like to go home with a fabulous handbag that makes you look like a chic Parisienne, and you don’t mind that your neighbors may not know the designer, there are a few le bags in every Parisienne’s closet.

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Exclusive Fairchild Baldwin Collection

We are so excited to introduce these fabulous new handbags to all of you Parisienne fashionistas! Fairchild Baldwin is a luxury handbag collection that features timeless design, quality construction and immaculate detail. Each handbag is produced in New York City […]

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After a trip to the Bon Marché

In the Bag

In Paris a woman’s purse is very important. It declares her style and status openly and immediately to all who pass, and it must, therefore, match her outfit at all times. Coming from the California car culture, I don’t naturally fret over my handbag and what people will think of me. What obsesses me, in fact, are the contents of my bag. When I first came to Paris and had to carry a bag with me at all times, I was unorganized and I lost hours of my precious time scrounging through disgusting crumbs at the bottom of the bag looking for my house keys. For reasons related to shadow and light that I’ll never be able to explain, orange items were the only things that I could see in the dreaded depths of the bag. Five zillion unidentifiable crumbs later, it was time to convert the contents of my bags to orange.

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