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Summer in Paris: cool summer cotton by créatrice Anne Elisabeth

Summer Guide to Paris: How to Survive August

A summer guide to Paris always brings challenges. The hot, humid weather is problematic in itself and it usually arrives after the big vacation exodus. But don’t become an exasperated, red-faced visitor. Here are eight tips to help restore your equilibrium.

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Guide to Paris: l'Hôtel

A Guide to Paris for Literature Lovers

Paris: the city that has inspired artists, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers for centuries. And within minutes of wandering […]

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Paris markets: legumes de Joel

A Locavore’s Guide to Paris Markets

My first advice to people planning a trip to Paris is to find out where their local market is. Paris markets are a hub of activity and exchange, a place where locals and visitors can not only shop but also take part in a ritual that supports local farms and seasonal produce. More than a museum or a bus tour, markets can teach you about the value that a city puts on shopping for, preparing and enjoying food.

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