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French Recipes: Gougères

My first date in Paris was memorable not just because it was my premier romantic rendezvous with a French man since arriving in the City of Light, but also because of one of the French recipes I would learn and […]

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Quiche crust

Asparagus and Bacon Quiche

The traditional French quiche is a rustic dish, eaten year-round in most regions of France. It’s a particular favorite in French bistros across Paris, where a generous wedge is accompanied by a green salad and a glass of red wine, and almost every local bakery will have several types available as part of the typical lunch offerings. But there is something so comforting about making this buttery, crumbly delight at home, piping hot and fresh from the oven, whether it’s for brunch on the terrace with the family or for last-minute dinner guests.

There are as many ways to put a quiche together as there are months in the year. It can be made with or without a crust. It can fill a large dish or be prepared in individual servings. It can be flat and creamy, or made mountainously airy with beaten egg whites. Every single one of these variations and more can be found in bistros and bakeries across Paris.

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