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French Wines: 2011 Vignoble Réveille Climax Côtes du Roussillon

If ever a Wild West existed for French wines, it would be the Languedoc-Roussillon. Every French wine region has a set of standards to which it must adhere—the French do love their regulations, don’t they?

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France’s Retort to Port: 2009 La Tour Vieille Banyuls Rimage

The holidays are here, and with them come all sorts of festive combinations of delicacies and special French wines to enhance the spirit of the season. In the mood for merry? I’d recommend a […]

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MIP Rosé, Domaine Ste.-Lucie, Côtes de Provence 2010

Last weekend, I found myself in a midday dalliance with a flirty Provençal rosé, called MIP, from Domaine Ste.-Lucie. Sure, there had been numerous other French rosés over the years, but I was once again […]

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