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Christmas Shopping in Paris, or NOT.

Christmas shopping in Paris is ridiculous fun, one feels privileged to be able to cross items off your list in a city….

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French Fashion: The Holiday Wish List

The holidays are just a few weeks away—have you started looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones? We have some brilliant French fashion gift ideas to share with you, to ensure that you will surprise him […]

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Top Five Most Luxurious Holiday Gifts Made in France

Receiving gifts made in France is every girl’s dream. A perfect one is a bottle of Ann Gérard perfume. Truly, these are the most interesting, elegant perfumes I’ve come across in years. The names—Cuir de […]

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Shopping in Paris: Christmas for Everyone

If you’re playing Père Noël, shopping in Paris can be a pleasure. Here’s my list of presents perfect for those you love. The city of Paris has just launched its very own online boutique. Among its 250 products are […]

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Accessories at Richmond in Paris

Shopping in Paris: Luxurious Accessories at a New Boutique

Sometimes while shopping in Paris, you walk into a store and think, “Mais oui—I want one of everything!” Richmond, a new boutique in the 17th Arrondissement, is one such shop. Mari, the owner, has filled the store with trinkets and accessories of the utmost luxury and quality, while also boasting reasonable prices.

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Shopping in Paris: A Made-in-France Christmas

The Christmas spirit comes early to Paris and is marked by the arrival of vin chaud and roasted chestnuts in the streets and corner cafés. Strands of lights decorating the city’s avenues add to the festive feeling and inspire one to embrace the holiday season. Christmas is a great excuse to do some shopping in Paris. The avid Francophile will be happy to find a handful of Paris boutiques that specialize in products of French origin that make great souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

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Cups, la Vaissellerie

Purely Paris: Gifts for a Girly Christmas

Come Noël, finding Paris gifts becomes a seasonal sport. The hard part is choosing between all the ideas on offer. This year, there is a deluge of girly delights. Not to say it isn’t enjoyable shopping for your man.

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Little Paris Luxuries to Warm Up Your Winter

Winter in Paris is an underrated season, one that turns the city into a poem of blues and grays. Still, its chilly winds and darker days can sap your spirits. The cure lies in special Paris luxuries: vin chaud (warm spiced wine), colorful scarves—and scented candles.

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Petit Pan

Purely Paris: All That Glitters

As la grisaille (the grayness) settles in, winter Paris starts to become black and white. Yet this is also when the city’s shopwindows work their magic: plenty of sparkle spiked with gorgeous colors. On gloomy days, they charm residents into many a Paris boutique such as Petit Pan.

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La Pistacherie

Purely Paris: A Shop to Go Nuts About

If anything, shopping in Paris offers way too many options. But I’ve had few discoveries more delightful than La Pistacherie. This boutique—I should say boutiques, since there are three—is usually described as either a delicatessen or sweetshop. But it’s something more unique: an upscale shop for gourmet fruit and nut lovers.

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A "bird's nest" lamp from Storie, a unique boutique in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris

The Best-Kept Boutique Secret in Paris

With all the famous Paris shops and avenues, it’s hard to know where to find something unique. Where does one go for the off-the-beaten-path treasures? Over time some friends have shared their secret locations with me, places they love and can’t live without, and I’m proud to say that I now have my own! While most of my friends prefer to keep their shops to themselves to avoid throngs of people stealing their “it” dresses, shoes and decorative pieces, I can’t wait to tell you about my place.

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Christmas: Your Perfect Paris Presents

Noel warms the spirits with vin chaud, delights the eye with wonderful windows and brings dazzling lights. It’s hard to resist a holiday prowl for perfect Paris presents. However, merchants export much of what you see. So is it impossible to find something unique? Absolutely not! Here are my only-in-Paris picks.

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Christmas Shopping in Paris

You’re in Paris for Christmas! Now . . . where to shop? Forget Les Halles: too crowded. Oubliez Champs Elysées: too touristy. Here are 10 places to get your credit card warmed up. Happy shopping!

Though some of my friends think it’s too close to the Halles experience, I like to grab a buddy and get my shopping done on rue de Rivoli. There are tons of great shops and plenty of cafés in the neighborhood if you need to take a breather.

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