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Top Five Things to Do in Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis

Choosing the top five things to do in Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis is not any easy task, but here it goes. 1. Lick some ice cream. Berthillon is of course the purveyor of seriously good and very famous ice cream.

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Maille mustard pumps

Paris Gourmet: Hunting Down the Best Foodie Boutiques in Paris

There’s a lot to love about Paris—the art, the culture, the cheap wine—but for me, there is no greater Parisian joy than that of its stunningly simple, creative and satisfying flavors. From staples like cheese and tea to flamboyant add-ons like mustard and fruit preserves, the French know how to turn eating into a sensual experience. No trip to the City of Light is complete without a visit to one of the many Paris gourmet boutiques. Here are the best and brightest.

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Goat cheese: Semiripened

The Best Goat Cheese for Your Recipes

So, somewhere on some trip to France, you fell in love with goat cheese in all its funky, nutty, tangy and luscious glory. Perhaps it arrived in oozy-melty disks on toasts perched atop a salad. Maybe a slightly bulging wedge of it rolled up to your table on a restaurant’s chariot de fromage. Or maybe you tasted its unmistakable richness and complexity in a recipe.

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