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The best way to learn French

What do the French do best ? Eat and drink ? Exactly. What can you do to learn French ? Simply, eat and drink….

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Red Hot French Fashion for Independence

The summer color palette is fierce and fiery in Paris this season, and red is one of its hottest shades…

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Paris Restaurants: Clandestino

When Marcelo Julio and the chef Masayuki Shibuya cheekily set up camp in an abandoned Korean food joint last July, recycling suddenly took a very tasty turn. Masayuki’s modern take on French cuisine peppered […]

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Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris

Traditionally a military garment, the trench coat—with its wide lapels and monochromatic, no-fuss, heavy-duty fabric—is definitely one of my favorite coats. Like the best Paris fashion, it has a timeless quality […]

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How to Dress French

Traveling in style can be quite the challenge, especially when heading to the fashion hot spot of the world: Paris! We went straight to Tory Burch and found everything for a weekend in Paris, from sitting on the plane to sightseeing to going out on the town.

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Where to see Dance Performances in Paris Folies Bergère 32, rue Richer, in the 9th Arrondissement. 08 92 68 16 50. Folies is a bit…

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Theatre & Film

English-Language Theatre Galerie de Nesle 8, rue de Nesle, in the 6th Arrondissement. 01 46 34 61 04. Sometimes features productions in English. Call for…

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