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French Culture: Vive la Belle Epoque

The Belle Epoque! It’s an era that makes Parisians dream, the moment their city became a global star. From the Eiffel Tower to haute couture […]

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French Culture: Five Favorite Holidays

One of the joys of Parisian life is the festive calendar; you’re never really that far from a holiday. Some of these highlights of French culture (such as Bastille Day) are known round the world. Others may be less well […]

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French Culture: A French Holiday at Home

There’s something about this singsongy season that adds a little sparkle to life. There’s also something that yields chaos and minimal sleep. There’s something about this singsongy season that adds a little […]

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Remarkable Rues: Rue Lepic

The wonderful Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre is tucked into the arm of rue Lepic, a historic street that winds around the famous hill. Historical figures such as Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Baptiste […]

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Champagne Adds Sparkle to French Culture

Champagne tends to be in a class of its own. So it’s good to remember that it is first and foremost a French wine. And French wine is synonymous with French culture. In fact, many of the younger generation in […]

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French Bars: à Boire or to Drink?

I have just finished an intense bar tasting binge all over Paris. I was asked by Cider House Publishing to write a book on Paris Cocktails…

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