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It's all in the details when designing custom pants with Philippine Janssens

Designing Custom Pants in Paris

Just like most other women, I have to say that shopping is undoubtedly my favorite thing to do in Paris. But, like many others, I am frustratingly picky, especially when it comes to pants. It seems that for every 50 pairs I try on, maybe one or two look decent. And I think we can all agree that when you decide to go shopping for trousers, you will find a blouse, a dress, a pair of shoes, a fabulous hat and a new sweater—but no pants.

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Cocktails at L'Etage

Secret Bars in Paris: L’Etage

As you enter through the front door of the oh-so-new-and-trendy Les Jalles, it may seem like your typical, fabulous French restaurant. But if you know to ask, the impeccably attentive waitstaff will lead you upstairs to the Prohibition-style cocktail lounge called L’Etage, the newest retro bar in Paris. Walking up the stairs, it seems as though you enter a time different from your own. A time that feels simpler and far more romantic.

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Wanderlust in Paris: A New Kind of Paris Nightlife

Right now throughout Paris, you will find flyers with the word “Wanderlust” littered throughout the streets and plastered on surfaces. For days, I could not figure out what this mysterious Wanderlust implied until I stumbled upon the answer while at an exhibition in the Cité de la Mode et du Design. Having an espresso in the museum café, I noticed a DJ setting up on the terrace outside, surrounded by an outdoor bar and hundreds of plastic lounge chairs. I realized this was Wanderlust, a new addition to Paris nightlife.

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Good Sushi Restaurants in Paris: They Exist!

We all know that Paris is one of the food capitals of the world. The Parisians have mastered almost every genre of cuisine—almost, that is. When it comes to sushi, the French are lagging behind. And if you’re a fanatic for raw fish, as I am, after being in Paris for a while you’ll start to crave that fresh Japanese taste. Now, there are definitely sushi restaurants in Paris; it’s just that many of them are vile, serving chunks of gluey rice and fish that tastes like it’s been frozen for weeks.

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Centre Commercial in Paris

Centre Commercial: Artful Paris Shopping on the Rue de Marseille

Just the other day, a friend and I set out to do some casual shopping in Paris on the rue de Marseille in the 10th Arrondissement (also a great street for stock shopping at year-round high-fashion outlets). As we strolled down the street, my eye was drawn to a sleek store with its name written elegantly in all caps: Centre Commercial. We decided to pop in to have a look but realized this wasn’t just a clothing boutique.

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Shopping in Paris: COS

After spending a few days in Paris, you start to wonder how in the world these French women can look so effortlessly chic at all times. Either there is a tax break for trendiness that they are excluded from, or there’s another Paris shopping secret these women are hiding. Most of us want that high-fashion look, but our budgets shove us in the direction of bargain shops. Luckily for us, H&M started a new fashion line to fill that gap, and perhaps expose the hidden secret of Parisians. COS, short for Collection of Style, is a men’s, women’s and accessories collection that boasts high-quality styles with shockingly affordable prices.

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