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Things to Do in Paris and NOT to do!

There are thousands of articles on things to do in Paris, this is exactly the opposite. Its also very important to remember the things NOT to do!

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The Shakespeare and Company bookstore

Franco Files: Paris Romance: Dream or Reality?

When I told people I was moving to Paris last year, the reaction I got (besides the equally popular “That’s awesome!” and “That’s insane”) was largely the same: “Oh my God, Jenna, you’re going to fall madly in love and marry some French man!” It seemed expected that within a few months’ time I should find my soul mate wandering the streets of Montmartre and have a whirlwind, cinematic Paris romance. After all, Paris is the setting of countless love stories and the destination of perhaps thousands of honeymooners each year. But is the myth of a romantic Paris all it’s cracked up to be?

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You can pick up good wine cheaply at Paris grocery stores

Franco Files: Grocery Shopping in Paris

I love checking out local grocery stores whenever I travel. It is a cultural education and an adventure that is often rewarded with unique, affordable souvenirs. At first everything may seem the same; produce is generally to the right, near the front, with dry goods at the center and various treats next to the cashiers. But on closer inspection, there is the odd twist that can be delightfully revealing and make grocery shopping in Paris an adventure.

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Franco Files: Ze French Wife and the Art of Learning to Be a French Woman

Technically, I am not married. But I live with a French man and we have five children between the two of us. Nope, that is not a typo. Five. Thanks to lots of love and creativity, we have managed to create a real, or rather surreal, family from it all. Part of the art means that I have to learn to live with a French man, which, for an American, can feel as surreal as spending time with Dalí and his rhinoceros. What could be so different, being a French woman?

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Franco Files: She’s Got ‘Le Look’

Chic. Even in English we use the French term. It is a stereotype, to be sure, but like the best stereotypes, this one comes with…

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Shannon Vettes, author of the JNSQ blog

Franco Files: Five Reasons to Love and Loathe Paris

My baguette has come in, readers. I live, drumroll please, in PARIS! Yes, the Land of Lovers. The District of Divine. The Magnificent Metropolis. I call “Par-ee” home. If I had a nickel for every time someone said, “OMG that must be amazing!!!” . . . I’d have enough nickels to fill the Louvre and a sore neck from all my ecstatic nodding.

I’m not going to play it down: living here is a dream come true, and I’m reminded of that a thousand times a day.

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Franco Files: Grocery Shopping in Paris at Picard

Parisiennes have lots of little secrets for their shopping. Especially their grocery shopping in Paris, which until very recently was expected to be a daily activity. That was only a decade ago. Today the majority of French women work outside the home, while still being responsible for 80 percent of the household chores. And they do it all perfectly accessorized, wearing three-inch heels. Who can blame them for coming up with shortcuts?

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Franco Files: The Rude Waiter

People often ask where the French get their reputation for being so rude. And then other people indignantly reply, “I was in France just last month, and they are not rude at all!” Which is true but does not answer the question.

To be fair, the rumor has existed since the Romans conquered Gaul and turned Lutèce into a medical resort town centuries ago, but I believe that I have rooted out one of the primary sources of the rumor: the Parisian waiter.

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Socializing in Paris: the French drink with moderation

Franco Files: How to Socialize Like a Parisienne

From l’apéritif en terrasse to the early-morning croissant on the way home, what’s not to love about the Parisian social life?

Boire avec modération (drink with moderation) is your mantra for socializing in Paris.

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