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French Fashion: This Spring’s Best Parties

What makes a really romantic Paris party? Start with a garden, import some pretty girls and add flirtatious fellows. Then, start the music. Voilà! You have a fête galante, the height of French fashion almost 300 years ago.

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Jewelry from Anne Maisonneuve is a great souvenir gift from Paris

Parisian Souvenirs: Light on Your Wallet, Light on Your Luggage

So much shopping, so little time, so many euros! While there are ways to cut corners on your Parisian vacation, there’s no denying that a visit to the City of Light can be tough on your wallet. All the same, you’ll want to go home with some small treasures, preferably ones that won’t require an advance on your credit card. And with the airlines increasingly cutting back on luggage allowances, something light in weight makes perfect sense as well. Here are a few ideas for unforgettable Parisian souvenirs (gifts for a friend or for yourself!) that are both light on your wallet and on your luggage.

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Girl Talk with Pamela Boulet

Like so many women who end up in Paris, Pamela Boulet went for work and stayed for love. What was supposed to last just a few months ended up as a 20-year stint, and with two children and a French husband, it seems she won’t be coming home anytime soon. Pamela has the kind of job so many women I know would kill for. She sells high-end fashion via trunk shows all over the world. Flitting from Southampton to Hong Kong, she sells the designs of Andrew Gn to the international fashionista set.

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