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Breakfast with Adrian: Hunting for Paris Apartments

As I’ve mentioned here before, my two great loves are travel and real estate—that’s after my kids and hubby, bien sûr. In a quest for learning more about Paris real estate, renting Paris apartments or buying them, I had breakfast with Adrian. Oh, she’s the lady you’ve seen on House Hunters International on HGTV, my all-time favorite show. (I have a bit of an addiction to it, it’s sad to say.) Anyhow, it was off to the Marais to meet Adrian Leeds, doyenne of all things real estate in the City of Light. I had been reading her French Property Insider newsletters for years, and now I was finally going to meet Madame herself.

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Talking Paris Apartments with Kathryn Lynden

I love real estate, especially real estate in Paris. I’ve bought and sold a place in Paris and now own a place near Bordeaux, and if I could I’d buy and fix up many more houses and apartments around the globe. It’s my second passion, right behind travel. So it’s only natural that I’d meet Kathryn Lynden, who like me is from the American Midwest, and who with a partner or two has bought 50-plus homes around the world, fixed them up and sold them as “fractionals.” I’ve come to understand that the fractional system is unlike the time-share concept, and in this particular case much more luxurious and a much better deal, especially with Paris prices on the rise. In fact she has three apartments that she has done in Paris, and of course I simply had to know more.

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