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Perusing the Passages of Paris

If you don’t know about the Paris passages, you must learn. I don’t mean to sound professorial, but I made the same mistake….

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Fans of Julien Duboué's Paris restaurant Dans Les Landes in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris will enjoy his original outpost for Basque tapas in the 15th Arrondissement, Afaria


I love tapas. I don’t know if that means I’m a bit fickle, since I’d rather eat a little bit of everything than one of the same thing in any restaurant in Paris—or in or out of Spain, for that matter. I prefer to think it means I love food so much that I want to sample as many different things as I can. Whether you’re fickle or not, Afaria offers a perfect dining experience with a Basque-inspired tapas menu.

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Three Ways to Go Drinking in Paris

Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris transports the City of Light back to the bohemian 1920s, full of feathers and fur. So if you, like Gil Pender, are looking for a night sparkling with wonder and sights anew, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s more to be had than a simple verre de vin rouge. Here are three entirely different ways to go drinking in Paris.

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The Chocolate Show

February is certainly a time for chocolate, and we’ve tasted and reviewed some of the best for you, so you’ll be sure to buy the tastiest morsels for your loves this month.

Not long ago I found myself at the Chocolate Show in New York, which is also held in Paris and Cairo, curiously (it might take a pause on Cairo this year, eh?). I decided that the Chocolate Show was the perfect excuse to have a virtual tasting of sorts to compare French and American chocolate. Could American chocolate possibly hold up to the spectacular French chocolate I was partial to? I felt as if I would be biased, so I brought in two consorts, Karen and Kathryn (hard-core Francophiles and fellow bloggers), to help me out. Karen brought in an entire team of tasters and had a chocolate party.

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Crêpes to go: L'Avant Comptoir in Paris

Month of the Crêpe

In France, February 2 is La Chandeleur, a pre-Lenten fête that’s all about crêpes. In Paris, La Chandeleur has gone the way of the galette des rois. In other words, just as the galette des rois is “officially” eaten 12 days after Christmas (but actually enjoyed all the way into February), La Chandeleur means this whole month is devoted to crêpes.

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All is quaint and traditional at Francoeur.

The Paris Brunch

Brunch is a strictly American concept, and because being Anglo-Saxon is quite cool in Paris these days, going to brunch has become THE thing to…

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Take a break from traditional fondue and feast on the raclette fondues of the Alps. Visit the Paris restaurant Les Fondus de la Raclette, with locations all over Paris.

Restaurants in Paris: The Basics

I get lots of requests for Paris restaurant recommendations. Visitors will tell me that they want to try something authentic, but they don’t like heavy sauces, or their travel companion is a picky eater, or they are simply intimidated by French cuisine. Relax, I always say. The most traditional of Parisian dishes is steak frites, quickly followed by poulet roti (roast chicken).

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Historic Cafés in Paris

The Paris café is an institution. No trip to the City of Light would be complete without visiting at least one. Most cafés keep continuous…

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Signs of approval at Josephine Chez Dumonet in the 6th Arrondissement.

Dining on the Fly: How to Sniff Out the Best Restos

Real foodies come to Paris with reservations made months in advance, restaurant guidebooks and newspaper clippings featuring recommendations of the latest and greatest on the local scene. It is true that this city has some absolutely fabulous cuisine, with new spots opening daily. But some of us like to travel light—without the guidebooks and without the limitations of reservations—while still hoping to run into some excellent cuisine. And let’s face it: even the most organized foodie can find herself strolling through a completely new neighborhood without a clue about what the neighborhood has to offer.

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Eating Crêpes Cheap in the Land of Foie Gras

Contrary to preconception, it IS possible to eat cheaply in Paris. Perhaps eating well with good value is the better way to put it. On…

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Lafayette Organic: Paris Restaurant Is a Haven for Whole Foods (and Foodies)

According to a recent article in the French daily Le Monde, the organic market is “booming” in France, with 1,595 new organic food and beverage options having been introduced to the French market in a period of two years. A tour of Paris confirms the city’s shift toward organics. Ardent locavores and organic addicts are no longer relegated to the rare vegetarian spot when it comes to Paris restaurants. More and more, the city is offering organic, or bio, options in places where you would least expect them.

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Food in Paris: Cooklette, a cooking class offered by the Paris concept store Colette

Two Top-Shelf Paris Cooking Classes

Colette is a concept store in Paris. It’s so in with the fashionable crowd that during Fashion Week even Chanel did a pop-up shop with Colette. And if you’ve been on the hunt for the right Paris cooking class, take note: once a month Colette offers a class called Cooklette.

According to Colette’s Anaïs Sidali, Cooklette is just something that Colette does because they want to offer a fun activity for their customers. The Water Bar downstairs is an ideal location. They just push some of the center tables together and voilà: cooking atelier.

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Miss Vicky, owner of Miss Vicky Wine Events, which organizes wine samplings around Paris

Something Different: Paris Wine Events

We all love to eat and drink wine in the City of Light, and there’s no shortage of good places to do so, including lots of cool Paris wine bars. And if you love wine, we’ve found something fun and different to do.

Before her last trip to Paris, Girls’ Guide founder Doni Belau received an intriguing email from Miss Vicky inviting her to a wine tasting at a small wine shop in the 9th Arrondissement.

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Eat French—Stay Slim!

That’s what Mireille Guiliano counsels, and I’m beginning to believe it. You remember Mireille: she’s the former CEO of Veuve Clicquot (dream job) and the author of the New York Times best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat.

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A Season for Pleasures . . . Not Pounds

Autumn can feel like a challenging season for many of us. During summer we fall into a more relaxed routine, and when everyone snaps back to attention after Labor Day it can feel like a rude awakening. As we return to multitasking full speed, we often lose a broader connection to season and self and feel stretched thin. There seems to be less time for shopping and preparing food. The weather turns colder and we lose our naturally light summer foods. Between the increased stress, the cold, the heavier food and even the emotional challenges as the holidays draw near, we sometimes get fat.

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