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Top Ten Reasons to go to Provence

1 Everyone you know has been there, and its getting embarrassing Yes….it really is that nice. Some famous places and things just don’t live up…

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The key to the French Diet: The Girls’ Tell All

In a culture of rising obesity, we Americans have become fascinated with the concept of the French diet. Books about…

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Paris Restaurants: Pottoka

Last week I had a date with Kate, a friend who lives between Paris and Texas. Kate can cook and has a much better handle on Paris restaurants than I do, so I let her choose where we’d meet. She chose Abri, which […]

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French Culture: A French Holiday at Home

There’s something about this singsongy season that adds a little sparkle to life. There’s also something that yields chaos and minimal sleep. There’s something about this singsongy season that adds a little […]

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Paris shopping at Lafayette Gourmet: the seafood display is stunning!

La Grande Epicerie: The Finest Food Shopping in Paris

With his creation in 1852 of the first department store, le Bon Marché, Aristide Boucicaut ensured that shopping in Paris was leading the world. In 1923 the store took up residence in its fabulously elegant building at the corner of rue de Sèvres and rue du Bac. It is a huge treat to visit, and along with places like Marshall Field’s in Chicago, was part of the early-19th-century revolution in grand stores.

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Plan B, a quick-service and delicious Paris café in the Marais district, offers tarts, soups, salads, and desserts

Paris Restaurants: Plan B

I was shopping in the Marais the other day and wanted to pop in somewhere for a quick bite. Though I enjoy Rose Bakery and Poilâne, I didn’t feel like throwing down 20 euros for lunch on the run, but I wanted something more substantial than Subway, which seems to be popping up on every corner now. Enter Plan B, a great little gem among Paris restaurants that opened last summer and did indeed turn out to be the perfect backup plan.

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Paris markets: legumes de Joel

A Locavore’s Guide to Paris Markets

My first advice to people planning a trip to Paris is to find out where their local market is. Paris markets are a hub of activity and exchange, a place where locals and visitors can not only shop but also take part in a ritual that supports local farms and seasonal produce. More than a museum or a bus tour, markets can teach you about the value that a city puts on shopping for, preparing and enjoying food.

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Pulled-duck bites at Pirouette, a 1st Arrondissement Paris restaurant whose highly crafted yet affordable dishes are classing up Les Halles

Paris Restaurants: Pirouette

When I was a little girl, the only part of ballet lessons that I ever remember enjoying was the part where we got to break free from the dreadful rigidity of the bar exercises and spin across the floor doing pirouettes. Because who doesn’t love twirling around in a tutu?

Les Halles’ newest resto, Pirouette, promises to leave you with equally enjoyable memories. While most Paris restaurants in this particularly seedy corner of Les Halles […]

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Best Paris Restaurants of 2012

In a break from our regular Foodie Fave column, Girls’ Guide food writers Kelly Page, Barbra Austin, and Aurelie Douard look back on some of their favorite Paris restaurants of 2012. Whether you’re after a quick lunch in Oberkampf, a girls’ night out at a wine bar, or a tasting menu showcasing the best French ingredients, we’ve got the tip for you. Let’s start things off in the 11th Arrondissement […]

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Brasseries in Paris: Brasserie Gallopin

No one could accuse the French food scene of being boring or resistant to change—it seems a new experimental-gastronomy hot spot opens every other week—but there is something to be said for traditionalism. After all, French food is world-renowned for a reason. On an accidental trip to Brasserie Gallopin I rediscovered the culinary beauty of French classics, via one of the better brasseries in Paris.

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Le Pont de Yunnan, a 9th Arrondissement Chinese restaurant in Paris, is a no-frills authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall where your mouth will be delighted and so will your wallet.

Paris Restaurants: Le Pont de Yunnan

Every morning when I look out my window at the park below, I see clusters of Chinese women doing some sort of cross between jazzercise and tai chi. While it looks a bit ridiculous against the backdrop of […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Ciel de Paris

It’s been said that the best view of Paris is from the top of the Tour Montparnasse, because one gets to see the entire city (including the Eiffel Tower) while avoiding the sight of the Tour Montparnasse […]

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Les Ombres

A friend of mine was begrudgingly moving from Paris back to the US, and though I’m not pleased about her move, I was more than happy to accompany her for her last meal in Paris. My mind started racing through all the restaurants in Paris as I tried to imagine where I would want my last bite—but luckily I don’t need to figure that out right now! My friend decided she needed some good food in a memorable setting, so we met at Les Ombres.

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Fans of Julien Duboué's Paris restaurant Dans Les Landes in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris will enjoy his original outpost for Basque tapas in the 15th Arrondissement, Afaria


I love tapas. I don’t know if that means I’m a bit fickle, since I’d rather eat a little bit of everything than one of the same thing in any restaurant in Paris—or in or out of Spain, for that matter. I prefer to think it means I love food so much that I want to sample as many different things as I can. Whether you’re fickle or not, Afaria offers a perfect dining experience with a Basque-inspired tapas menu.

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Salmon tartare at Da Rosa, a 6th Arrondissement Paris restaurant and épicerie in Paris

Da Rosa

I’ve just had the good fortune of returning from a trip to Italy, where I got to meet the owners and purveyors of wonderful Ligurian specialties like Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale vinegar. I loaded up on as many vacuum-sealed and boxed delicacies as my Parisian bag could hold, because nothing could be fresher than these products so close to the source.

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