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Passport to Paris: The Ultimate Paris Food Tour

If you’re visiting Paris for the first time and are uncertain of how to approach French cuisine, Le Food Trip can help you. The start-up,…

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tournesol

I receive a lot of e-mail from people asking me where the French go to eat, and I have had a hard time giving anyone the […]

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French Wines: Château Sigalas Rabaud 2007

Wine lovers around the world often attribute gender to French wines: feminine wines are elegant and silky, while full-bodied, tannic wines are masculine. But I’ve never had the entire life cycle, from […]

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Recipe of the Month: Pain d’Epices

French pain d’épices often gets mistranslated into English as gingerbread, but beyond both being heavily spiced, sweet quick breads, the two cakes bear little resemblance to one another. While the flavor of American gingerbread is […]

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Foie gras

Summer Flavors in Paris Restaurants, Part Two

Earlier this season we suggested some wine and food pairings based on what we were seeing in Paris restaurants. The sun is shining, and we are all trying to eat lighter fare so we can squeeze into those swimsuits. But duck, pork, steak, burgers and foie gras remain on the menus in Paris no matter the time of year—it’s all a matter of finding a more seasonal way to enjoy them.

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There is plenty to like about L’Hédoniste, a new bistro near the rue Montorgueil, starting with the warm welcome. Owner Arthur Pétillault (a former food writer) presides over the room with a smile and eagerness to please.

It’s an old space, with exposed beams and stone walls. The partly open […]

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Though I used to live on the left bank, I never did make it to L’Epigramme, a well-priced bistro with a solid reputation and loyal following. It still exists but has recently changed hands, and the reports since the new team took over have been mixed at best.

The good news is that the old owners have launched another endeavor […]

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Top 10 Things You Should Eat in Paris

One of the primary reasons people save their money and travel to Paris is for the extraordinary food. French desserts…

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Le Grand Véfour

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch at Le Grand Véfour with a group of hungry bloggers.

Situated at the north end of the gardens of the Palais Royal, this address has hosted the crème de la crème of French politics and culture, its gilded, mirrored walls witness to French history.

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At Le Comptoir du Relais, there's a taste of Provence in Paris

Le Comptoir du Relais

This address has been packed since Yves Camdeborde left the beloved La Régalade, in the 14th Arrondissement, to set up shop in the decidedly more visitor-friendly 6th. He runs the hotel upstairs, as well, and if you really want a dinner reservation at the restaurant, you’d be wise to book a room; guests have priority in the booking process.

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