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Paris Photography with Georgianna Lane

Would you like to make your photos of Paris and anywhere you travel look even just a little bit more like these? Who wouldn’t?? Georgianna…

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Top Five Things to Do in Paris

These must-do’s are not found on your typical list of things to do in Paris. They are my own personal picks, filled with […]

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The Best Florists in Paris: A Photo Essay

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you must have noticed the rose petals strewn on the sidewalks and the unique and artistic floral displays and plants outside on the curbs. There is no doubt that Paris has some of the most […]

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Must-see in Paris: Muguets on May Day

Spring Must-See in Paris? Flowers!

If spring is the season one must see in Paris, flowers are its trademark. France is home to 12,000 florists, from tiny shops to franchises such as Monceau Fleurs and Au Nom de la Rose. Last year, residents spent 1.2 billion euros on flowers to present bouquets, bunches and “compositions.”

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