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Paris Shopping: Seen on the Streets of Paris

Fashion is one of the first things I think of when I’m about to wander around the streets of Paris. “What will I wear today?” is a big question when there are so many artists of dressing and well-appointed Parisians walking around. But right now when I get outside the last thing I want to do is parade up and down the boulevards, and it’s not because I’m ashamed of my clothes; it’s because I’m really, really cold.

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Seen on the Streets of Paris: Trimmed in Fur

It is very cold in Paris now with chance of snow. Snow adorning the boulevards is not the only thing winter has brought to the City of Light: the ever-remarkable Paris street fashions have been trimmed with fur.

Fur, real or faux, lifts the simplest black coat and skinny dark blue jeans to a new level of sophistication and even a little decadence.

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