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Autumn in Paris

Plan your trip now – for next year – because Autumn in Paris is truly one of this city’s most splendid time of year. Yes….

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Fashion Week in Paris Wrap-Up

I have been covering Fashion Week in Paris for three years as a photojournalist and blogger. My mission is to find those moments that are unique in different senses: they could be related to the clothes […]

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Shop the Runways: Soft Leathers

Both New York’s and Paris’s fashion weeks have flown by in what seemed like a complete whirlwind, but we absolutely loved the preview of the fabulously chic fashions to expect next fall and winter. Since W2WW is all about online shopping and what is available RIGHT NOW (yes, we are admittedly impatient), we decided to pick our favorite runway trends that we can get a jump on and wear this spring.

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Paris Fashion Week Picks

One good thing about the end of summer is the beginning of Mode à Paris, otherwise known as Fashion Week, when the City of Light is teeming with exciting fashion and there’s all the more reason to go shopping in Paris. With so many shows to see and nonstop events, we have to ask, What will all the chic girls be wearing?

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Fashion Week

I’m too sexy . . . I was thrilled when a friend called to tell me she had an extra ticket to a fashion show….

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Christian Dior Takes Verbal Eloquence to New Heights in Paris Fashion

Normally, a visit to the Rodin Museum means admiring the sculptor’s most revolutionary works of art: The Kiss; The Thinker; and The Burghers of Calais. But last week, on March 4, 2011, another kind of revolution took place here in the Paris fashion world, one that has rocked the world of high fashion—namely the Dior fall-winter prêt-à-porter women’s fashion show held beneath a cavernous tent put up in the Rodin gardens. What took place was far more radical than Dior’s 1947 New Look.

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Weekend in Paris

One of What2WearWhere’s fashion editors, Hilary, gave us her go-to look for New York Fashion Week. We loved what she came up with so much that we think it’s perfect for a weekend’s worth of events and activities in Paris!

The feminine and romantic DVF blouse with comfortable trousers and stylish heels say Paris fashion all the way […]

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