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Internationals in Paris

Making Amis (Friends) in Paris

Whether you’re traveling alone or looking to add some new flavor to your friends in Paris, joining a Meetup event is a great addition to any trip or girls’ night out.

You may have heard of Meetup or even attended one of its local events in your town, as it’s a global group

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Wanderlust in Paris: A New Kind of Paris Nightlife

Right now throughout Paris, you will find flyers with the word “Wanderlust” littered throughout the streets and plastered on surfaces. For days, I could not figure out what this mysterious Wanderlust implied until I stumbled upon the answer while at an exhibition in the Cité de la Mode et du Design. Having an espresso in the museum café, I noticed a DJ setting up on the terrace outside, surrounded by an outdoor bar and hundreds of plastic lounge chairs. I realized this was Wanderlust, a new addition to Paris nightlife.

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Audience participation at Paris Plages

Paris Attractions: A Perfect Beach, Perfectly Free of Charge

When it comes to unique outings, it’s hard to beat this city. Now that it’s summer, the great Paris attraction is a man-made beach along a roadway by the Seine. Since late July, le Paris Plage has unwound along three kilometers between the Louvre and the Pont de Sully. At first, a humid stroll along tarmac didn’t sound like fun—but a single visit radically changed my view.

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Happy Second Birthday to GG2P!

By lord, it’s our second birthday! On September 19, 2009, the Girls’ Guide to Paris website was launched, and somehow two full years have flown by. We’ve all had such fun hunting down wonderful spots for you all, from chocolatiers to spas to shoe shops and so much more. A bevy of beautiful lady writers have combed the streets of Paris to bring you the best of the best, and they continue to do so every single day. I have to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the task. I also am eternally grateful to our IT folks at Look-It Design and our incredible copy editors, Lamar and Sandra, without whom you’d see 100 typos in every piece. And there are so many more—talented photographers, great tour and travel partners . . . I could go on.

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Happy Beaujolais Day!: Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau in Paris

I love the holidays. They are a time to connect with family and friends over good food and wine. While Thanksgiving is just around the corner, one week prior is yet another special occasion to get primed and ready for, with the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau.

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