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Things to Do in Paris and NOT to do!

There are thousands of articles on things to do in Paris, this is exactly the opposite. Its also very important to remember the things NOT to do!

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Paris restaurants: try foods from different regions when traveling in France

Paris Restaurants: 11 Dos and Don’ts

As we all know, the French take their dining seriously. The insider info about what to do when and where, and what to beware of, is helpful whether you are simply stopping for coffee at a neighborhood café or are dining at a classic brasserie, a bistro or one of the many elegant modern Paris restaurants. Once you’ve picked your spot, you’ll need to follow these simple […]

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M. P. Samie

The French Home: L’Art de la Table

Since UNESCO added French gastronomy to its World Heritage list in 2010, there has been a widespread misunderstanding that French cuisine had finally received official acknowledgment as being tops in the world. In fact, the UNESCO recognition was not for the food itself but for what’s called l’art de la table, the dining rituals that define the French home. From the opening aperitif to closing digestifs, the pairing of dishes with wines, artfully arranged table settings, and the sense of conviviality that reigns with family and friends around the table, it’s what makes a French meal, no matter how simple, so special.

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Franco Files: The Rude Waiter

People often ask where the French get their reputation for being so rude. And then other people indignantly reply, “I was in France just last month, and they are not rude at all!” Which is true but does not answer the question.

To be fair, the rumor has existed since the Romans conquered Gaul and turned Lutèce into a medical resort town centuries ago, but I believe that I have rooted out one of the primary sources of the rumor: the Parisian waiter.

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