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Paris secrets: ZenZoo tea parlor

Paris Secrets: An Afternoon in the Japanese Quarter

In the nest of winding streets between the Palais Royal and Opéra, a batch of Japanese restaurants and businesses unassumingly sprout out of the area’s Haussmannian buildings to form one of the best Paris secrets: a booming Japanese quarter. Not only is the quarter the city’s culinary hub of Japanese cuisine, it also boasts a variety of specialty grocery stores and tea parlors, as well a handful of French cultural attractions such as the quaint Passage Vivienne, the beautiful Palais Royal and the Richelieu branch of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).

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Paris restaurants: la Reine de Saba

Paris Restaurants: La Reine de Saba

I consider myself a lover of what my European stomach would classify as “exotic” cuisine. Nevertheless, with the exception of a ferociously spicy fufu incident in South London, I have next to no culinary […]

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Paris restaurants: Il Campionissimo street view

Paris Restaurants: Tastiest Takeout in the 2nd Arrondissement

At most Paris restaurants, asking for a doggie bag to pack up the rest of a meal unfortunately still amounts to a culinary slap in the face. While the French have remained notoriously unwilling to adapt to […]

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Paris restaurants: Ma Kitchen interior

Paris Restaurants: Ma Kitchen

There is no lack of eateries in the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière quartier. The street itself is a long row of bistros (notably Richer and Albion) and cozy sandwich joints, as well as Big Fernand and Little Fernand […]

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Paris restaurants: the head chef at le Cherche Midi

Paris Restaurants: Le Cherche Midi

It is not unusual for a tourist to ask me, “Where do real Parisians eat?” While we do eat at the well-known French foodie joints, a favorite with the locals is world cuisine, which visitors often avoid. Because we eat […]

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Le Pont de Yunnan, a 9th Arrondissement Chinese restaurant in Paris, is a no-frills authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall where your mouth will be delighted and so will your wallet.

Paris Restaurants: Le Pont de Yunnan

Every morning when I look out my window at the park below, I see clusters of Chinese women doing some sort of cross between jazzercise and tai chi. While it looks a bit ridiculous against the backdrop of […]

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Paris Restaurants: ZenZoo

Having reached my quota of French food from Paris restaurants for the week, I turned to ZenZoo to reintroduce some balance into my recent overload on steak frites and cuisse de canard. Humbly wedged into the […]

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Alphonse Mucha's bijouterie de Guy Fouquet at the Musée Carnavalet

Paris Travel on the Cheap

These days, many people are hesitant to travel to Paris because they fear a high price tag on every activity they want to do. But like any metropolitan city, Paris boasts tons of things to do, see, eat and drink that are cheap or even free. From music and movie festivals in the summer to cheap cultural goodies when the weather doesn’t behave, you can rest assured that traveling to Paris does not have to break the bank. Here are some of my favorite low-price things to enjoy around Paris.

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Happy Nouilles, a 3rd Arriondissement Paris restaurant, serves up fast, cheap, handmade noodles in a number of spicy, soul-satisfying soups

Happy Nouilles

It’s raining in Paris… again. I know, I know, I still get to live in the City of Light, but I caught a cold too, so I’ve been a little grumpy. I thought about which Paris restaurant could cheer me up, and the perfect spot came to mind: Happy Nouilles.

You almost can’t even say the name of the place without smiling.

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Nigri at Kura, a sophisticated spot for Japanese food in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris

Paris Restaurant reviews: Kura

While Paris is obviously the place to go for the native French cuisine, it hasn’t hit the same stride as most cosmopolitan cities in offering diners a wide array of ethnic food options. Though there are quite a few places where you can get sushi to go—or on a conveyor belt—I’ve struggled to find good-quality Japanese cooking at a Paris restaurant. So it was with extreme jubilation that I accepted an invitation to a fairly new Japanese restaurant in the 16th Arrondissement called Kura.

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As I walked down the quiet rue de Bassano, off the Champs Elysées, and descended the staircase into the basement of the evening’s restaurant, I was worried. The place had only two other occupied tables when I arrived on a Saturday night at 8:30, and they left shortly after my drink came. My friends who joined me had the same nervous look on their faces as they walked into the somewhat random Paris restaurant, but after the first bite we relaxed and worried no more.

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Shrimp dumplings at Pacifique, a Chinese restaurant with an exhaustive menu in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris.

Le Pacifique

I hit Paris bistro saturation last weekend, and found myself in need of some new flavors and a new environment, so I ventured out to Belleville for a taste of their little Chinatown.

Chinese immigrants settled in the Belleville area in the 1920s, and you’ll see their influence up and down rue de Belleville, mixed in with African, Jewish, Greek and Armenian cultures.

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Cantine California is a roving food truck bringing American-style Mexican food to the streets of Paris

Tacos to Go in Paris: Cantine California and Chipotle

Not long ago, it was next to impossible to find decent Mexican food in Paris, but now there’s a handful of Paris restaurants serving authentic Mexican meals and margaritas. Now locals and visitors can also enjoy several options for tacos to go in Paris.

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In China, “yam cha” is the morning gathering when families share dim sums over a cup of tea. In Paris, Yam’Tcha is an exquisite fusion restaurant opened by Adeline Grattard when she came back from Hong Kong in 2009.

Nestled on a quiet street near the bustling Les Halles, Grattard’s boutique restaurant […]

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Udon with shrimp tempura at the Japanese noodle house Kunitoraya, in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris


This is surely one of the most popular addresses in the Japanese neighborhood around rue Ste.-Anne, and it’s one of my favorites, too. Kunitoraya is part of a mini-empire of Paris restaurants that includes the younger but higher-end Kunitoraya 2, as well as a Japanese-French bakery/café, Aki, where you can get a brioche with a beguiling swirl of matcha and (I’m not making this up) a sandwich made from a baguette stuffed with gyoza, the pan-fried dumplings served in noodle shops.

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