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Finding the Finest Natural French Wine in Paris

If you’re a fan of French wine and haven’t enjoyed a bottle of vin naturel yet, now is the time to discover the exhilarating by-product of biodynamic vines and an organic approach to wine making. A good place to start your search for natural French wine is at any one of a number of Paris restaurants, caves or bars à vin that sell low-sulfite, high-flavor varieties.

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La Cucina di Terresa in Paris

Cooking Lessons in Paris at La Cucina di Terresa

Terresa Murphy’s strength as a teacher and chef comes from her ability to immediately imbue others with the passions essential to her existence: great food, good friends and the places where the two collide. The intoxicating effects of these passions last as long as the lessons learned when one takes cooking lessons in Paris from this extraordinary American expat.

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Shopping in Paris: A Made-in-France Christmas

The Christmas spirit comes early to Paris and is marked by the arrival of vin chaud and roasted chestnuts in the streets and corner cafés. Strands of lights decorating the city’s avenues add to the festive feeling and inspire one to embrace the holiday season. Christmas is a great excuse to do some shopping in Paris. The avid Francophile will be happy to find a handful of Paris boutiques that specialize in products of French origin that make great souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

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A bag by Labaita

A Little Market Brings French Shopping to Your Fingertips

The onset of spring fever is as good a reason as any to get out in the sun-soaked streets and do some shopping in French boutiques. For those of you who won’t be spending this spring in the City of Light, A Little Market (ALM) offers the opportunity to do some window-shopping in Paris from the comfort of your own home.

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A few of the self-serve options at Soya

Brunch Goes Bio in Paris Restaurants

The brunch craze has been gaining momentum in Paris restaurants, and the organic, or bio, food movement has not been left out of the trend. Strengthening their alliances with the latest in food fashions, organic ingredients are frequently featured in brunch buffets around the city.

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Women Expats Mix Up the Paris Cocktail Scene

The Paris cocktail craze is on the rise, and while the scene remains mostly a boys’ club, women mixologists are important and influential players in the momentum of the movement. Bringing experiences and ideas from around the globe, lady expats have made a place for themselves behind some of the buzziest bars in the city. I was able to talk to a few of the scene’s rising stars, a group of amazing expat women who served up some advice on ice for anyone looking to enjoy Paris’s nightlife.

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Lafayette Organic: Paris Restaurant Is a Haven for Whole Foods (and Foodies)

According to a recent article in the French daily Le Monde, the organic market is “booming” in France, with 1,595 new organic food and beverage options having been introduced to the French market in a period of two years. A tour of Paris confirms the city’s shift toward organics. Ardent locavores and organic addicts are no longer relegated to the rare vegetarian spot when it comes to Paris restaurants. More and more, the city is offering organic, or bio, options in places where you would least expect them.

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Feyza Demitras, the designer behind Ika Bags

Ika Bags: The Best of Online Paris Shops and Satchels

While Paris is home to many boutiques that stock homemade and regional products, sites like Etsy and its French counterpart, A Little Market, offer browsers who can’t make it to the shops in Paris this year the opportunity to support local artisans and enjoy a little Parisian-style online retailing.

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Gallia beer in Paris

Parisian Beer Revival: The Gallia Boys

In the late 1800s Paris counted among its artisans several local brewers that had set up shop around the city. One Paris brewery, Gallia, occupied the then open grassy spaces of the Montrouge neighborhood, near what we now know as the 14th Arrondissement. Using the quarries and underground cellars of this region for fermentation and bottling rooms, Gallia took part in a tradition of Parisian beer making that thrived until, abruptly, it all but disappeared as a result of the rising rents and urban expansion of the 1960s.

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