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French Fashion at the Sustainable Luxury Salon

The fourth annual Sustainable Luxury Salon in Paris featured the newest French fashion trends in design […]

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Top Five Free Wine Tastings in Paris

A favorite Paris wine bar among locals, le Garde Robe is an outpost of wine tasting central le Vin en Tête, a wine store […]

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Top Five Places to Stay Warm during Winter in Paris

Shopping in Paris despite the winter chill? Why not take a tiki time-out and head to Dirty Dick. Get off the streets and take a break to order one of the bar’s famous fruity cocktails. If you’re with a group be sure […]

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Paris gardens: picnic tables

Enjoy Paris Gardens by Exploring the City’s Jardins Partagés

Every cobblestone and curve of Paris’s winding streets can lead you to a new discovery in this beautiful city, with the promise of an exciting new experience or neighborhood to explore. While urban adventures are excellent, those who have sufficiently explored the concrete jungle of France’s capital may be compelled to seek out greener pastures […]

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Paris markets: legumes de Joel

A Locavore’s Guide to Paris Markets

My first advice to people planning a trip to Paris is to find out where their local market is. Paris markets are a hub of activity and exchange, a place where locals and visitors can not only shop but also take part in a ritual that supports local farms and seasonal produce. More than a museum or a bus tour, markets can teach you about the value that a city puts on shopping for, preparing and enjoying food.

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Paris neighborhoods: discovering Montmartre

Paris Neighborhoods: A Tour with l’Esprit de Montmartre

No trip to the City of Light is complete without a visit to Paris neighborhoods like Montmartre. This hilltop neighborhood, with its small-village feel and big city thrill, has something for everyone. If you’re planning on exploring the area with kids, a new tour, l’Esprit de Montmartre, offers an experience that will engage and surprise the whole family.

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’Tis the Season to Drink Champagne in Paris

The sound of popping champagne corks is synonymous with the Paris holiday season, throughout which bubbles are enjoyed among family and friends during apéros and evening meals. Paris bars are a perfect place to indulge and order une coupe de champagne to celebrate the festivities in the City of Light.

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Emily Dilling Poulain

At a formative age, Emily Dilling Poulain heard the European lifestyle described as one in which afternoon naps were widely encouraged and the eating of…

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