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Paris Fashion: A Night at the Opera

Take a step back into old-world glamour. A night at the Paris opera is not only a luxurious and sophisticated affair but the perfect opportunity […]

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Paris Fashion: Channeling Charlotte and the Art of Minimalist Fashion

The French singer-turned-actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is widely proclaimed to be the muse of many fashion and film houses alike. She […]

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Paris Fashion: Street Treat

Hipster culture in France is a trichotomy of grunge, music infusion and ultrachic. A little leather, a little lace, street style in Paris is a double […]

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Paris Fashion: Pigments and Prints

Ladies searching for the Holy Grail of Paris fashion, listen up! Stop fearing colors and patterns and learn to wear them confidently. When looking to revitalize your wardrobe with color and print, it’s natural to be […]

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Paris Fashion: Spring 2014 Trend Report

Hello bombshell! Spring 2014 is in: an air raid of popping colors, electric prints, sporty silhouettes and eye-catching embellishment. After years of refinement by the biggest names, including Carven, Armani and Balmain […]

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