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French Wines: Françoise Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre Brut Champagne

What French wines best describe you? For me, it’s champagne. It’s not that I have such a sparkling, bubbly personality; rather, I’m always ready to celebrate any occasion but typically disappear before the […]

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Top Five Places to Find Your French Man in Paris

Women have been in love with the Parisian lifestyle since well before Marie Antoinette suggested we all eat cake. And why not—what’s not to love? There are pastries, fashion, chocolate and, oh yes, French men.

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The Shakespeare and Company bookstore

Franco Files: Paris Romance: Dream or Reality?

When I told people I was moving to Paris last year, the reaction I got (besides the equally popular “That’s awesome!” and “That’s insane”) was largely the same: “Oh my God, Jenna, you’re going to fall madly in love and marry some French man!” It seemed expected that within a few months’ time I should find my soul mate wandering the streets of Montmartre and have a whirlwind, cinematic Paris romance. After all, Paris is the setting of countless love stories and the destination of perhaps thousands of honeymooners each year. But is the myth of a romantic Paris all it’s cracked up to be?

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Franco Files: The Dos and Don’ts of Dating French Men

French men are known for their smoldering good looks and great romance, and in Paris it’s easy to fall in love 10 times a day: he might be sipping a café noir in St.-Germain-des-Prés, ambling through the Jardin des Plantes or reading Sartre on the metro. But for an expat or visitor to Paris, dating French men can be an entirely different experience, challenging the tactics you’ve spent years perfecting. So before you allow yourself to be swept into a sea of je t’aime‘s, here are a few things you should expect.

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